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REVIEW OF Villanova College BY parent, Josephine Greig

  • Date of Review
    August 14, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 4 - Gr. 11

(5) Student Experience

All 3 of our children like and appreciate their teachers the best! They truly care about their pupils and go above and beyond so they can be the very best they can be. Ella our eldest for the first time in her school career not only enjoys math but she’s excelling at it! We owe that to her wonderful teacher Mr Forti. Ella joined V.C in grade 11, not any easy age to change schools, especially for girls. She immediately made friends and fitted into V. C life like putting on a comfy pair of shoes! Sienna our second daughter has thrived academically since joining Villanova and simply loves the athletic centre enabling her to be the best athlete she can. She’s still blown away by it! Our baby of the family Cameron has completely come out of his shell with the encouragement and support of his teachers he even performed in the Middle School Play.

(5) School Leadership

The leadership and administration at Villanova College is exceptional! The first time we heard Mr Paul Paradiso speak, we were immediately impressed by his sincerity. He’s never once used a script, which to us shows not only his level of professionalism but also his commitment and love for the school. All the staff at V.C from the business office down to the fabulous janitors foster a postive environment and deal with problems quickly, fairly and effectively. I think it’s fair to say it’s so much more than a just a job to the staff at V.C! It’s always a pleasure dealing with each and everyone of them as a parent and also a volunteer! The doors and communication lines are always open making you feel part of one big team in making the school even better year on year.

(5) Teaching

The quality of teaching at Villanova is second to none ! Since being at Villanova our children are almost a year ahead of where they need to be. There’s a real feel of passion from each and every teacher within their chosen subject! Be it physical education or science, the knowledge that’s passed on is excellent. We have an fabulous communication system called Edsby where as a parent you can see exactly what’s happening on a daily basis. This tool is invaluable as a parent and also as a student. If for whatever reason your child is falling behind you are made aware the second it happens . Because they are learning that far ahead our children are both challenged and stimulated educationally and given support not only in class but also through after school tutorials.

(5) Academics

Villanova College offers everything our children need to succeed in life through academic, Adcanced Placement and STEM. And a truly amazing student services department. There’s a culture of small classes right from grade 4, where you are encouraged to learn with all the tools and rescources needed to succeed. They not only provide homework rooms after school but more importantly tutorials every single day. Providing yet again support and encouragement for pupils to not only achieve their potential but also go beyond. V.C offers summer school for all grades allowing their pupils not only to achieve extra credit for High School but also that extra bit of confidence in subjects that they may need. Right from Grade 4 public speaking is encouraged which we love. By the time Grade 12 arrives your child is not only ready for University they are prepared for the school of life!

(5) Extracurriculars

There is something for everyone when it comes to extracurricular activities. Whilst winning is important it’s the taking part that’s encouraged when it comes to sports! Wheather you are sporty, musical, theatrical, academic or shy there’s a programme for you. Whilst attending any private school you are privileged in so many ways. With Villanova’s school values and Christian background encouraging students to help and volunteer to the less fortunate it makes for a humble well rounded adult !

(5) Students

The student body is small for a high school and middles school combined with just over 500 students making for a real family atmosphere as you have siblings attending both middle and high school. A part I very much enjoy and love is knowing that all our children our under the one roof with their second family V.C! The older students are always looking out for the younger ones and in turn the younger students are always looking up to the older students. Even at the end of a long week you’ll hear laughter and feel the smiles of the student body. You will always catch glimpse of siblings checking up and hugging one another infact not just the siblings, if a friends younger brother were to get hurt you can guarantee the message would be passed on.

(5) School Life

Villanova College has that perfect balance of “work hard, play hard”. The students know exactly what’s expected from them both socially and academically. All our children walk into the school with a smile and walk out with one. Since joining Villanova College our children are by the front each morning ready to go which can only be a good sign. We are strong believers that children need routine, discipline and structure, at V.C they thrive on it. There’s a mutual respect both ways (for the teachers and staff and for the pupils). Villanova is always striving to be better which is a credit to them (after all none of us our perfect). The administration and parent council are always striving to build our community and school.

(5) Community

The Broader Villanova Community is a feeling of family! We have a close relationship with the Shrine where you can virtually feel the warmth. As a new parent I was welcomed Immediately by older parents at the school and was welcomed onto various parent committees with no pressure just to help out where I could. These wonderful parents made me feel welcome and made each event so much fun whilst we fundraised for the school. There’s a real feeling In the parent community that we all simply want the best for the kids and our school. Villanova offers opportunities both small and large all the time through Edsby, the parent association website and at social functions. You will always see a welcoming smiling face.

(5) School Location

The school is surrounded by the most stunning country side. The children get to experience nature on a daily basis and where weather permits are encouraged to walk the grounds and also get the opportunity to walk to and from our neighbours at the Shrine. We have a close connection to King Township, helping local families and sharing our athletic centre and grounds.


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