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REVIEW OF Agate Private School BY parent, Yulanda Vanleer

  • Date of Review
    March 09, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 2 - Gr. 4 (Female, Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

Ari was really able to thrive with the help of Gayle. She is so good at bringing out the best in her students in helping them find their passions and interest. My daughter Ari came to really enjoy learning in this open environment. Gayle also helped me let go of any preconceived notions about alternative education. My daughter, for instance, took an interest in playing the ukulele but I had no idea of any resources to help her learn. All I had to do was ask Gayle and she had all the answers. My daughter loves soccer and really wanted to play so the school put together a homeschooling soccer practice day for all children interested. Gayle has a wealth of knowledge and you can't go wrong by being a part of Agate Private School.

(5) School Leadership

The school is always up to date on paperwork and the best educational options for your children. The school deals with any problems or issues right away. Because it is child-focused and interest-focused, it gives each student the confidence that they can succeed at anything. If I don't have an answer to a problem my daughter is having, I can just ask the school. They have been so patient with my daughter and always take the time to answer any questions my daughter may have.

(5) Teaching

Because education is interest-based, it was very important for me to find the needed resources for my daughter. All I had to do was ask Gayle and she always found a solution and if she couldn't find one she would create one. For instance, a lot of families have a keen interest in forest school so over the winter the school put a forest program into place. If you need a resource but don't have a lot of money the school has solutions for that and it is pretty amazing to have all the things out there in the community. For example, because of the common interest Ari has with other students in soccer, the school put together a homeschooling soccer practice. It was a lot of fun for my daughter and gave her the needed experience she desired.

(5) Academics

Whether your child loves Art, Music, Gaming, Coding, Math, Acting, or even just being in nature, Agate Private School can help your child succeed in anything. Their expertise and knowledge are endless. The school's strength is its knowledge of resources that the average person would not know about. Literally, anything you have an interest in they can find a resource for you or create one. My daughter loves Minecraft and we wanted to find a way she could play her game and still learn. The school introduces us to Minecraft education. My daughter could then play her game but learn at the same time. Whether it was science or math, it was all part of the program. Also, the school taught me that there is educational value in most things my daughter does such as baking where there is actual math involved.

(5) Extracurriculars

Absolutely, there have been so many opportunities for my daughter to participate in extracurricular activities such as soccer which she enjoys. We were given resources from the school to join other homeschooling groups where my daughter could have even more association. We did a lot of field trips and participated in other extracurricular activities. If your child has an interest, Gayle can always find a way to nurture that interest. Right now a group gets together every Monday for bowling for the parents and children to associate. The school also puts together field trips such as going to the science center in Toronto and local museums that are unique.

(5) Students

We have met students from all across the globe, whether on zoom or in person. My daughter has met students from as far as Africa. The school can help parents in any situation or country to fulfill their child's educational needs. It truly doesn't matter where you are located, it's a very diverse group and I like that they are of all different ages and backgrounds. Younger students learn from older students and they all work well when together. It is nice to meet students who have the same interest as my daughter. it was nice seeing them talk about what they were doing and in doing so my daughter learned a lot through other students. It was nice to see them all getting along and there was no bullying or fighting.

(5) School Life

Ari has really enjoyed her time at Agate Private School because she was able to learn at her own pace and learn things she would not typically have access to in public school. She enjoyed learning things as well that were advanced and I watched her confidence sore as she taught herself things just because she wanted to learn them. Having that option I think allows the child to enjoy learning and want to learn. There are times when students come to the school in person. It was nice because as parents we often need to know how others deal with similar problems. This community is very tightly woven together. It was through these social opportunities that my daughter was able to thrive. I have nothing negative to say.

(5) Community

I've met a lot of parents in this community and I keep in touch with several as we get together from time to time. Parents are very much encouraged to be involved as we all learn from each other's experiences and our children learn from each other. From time to time, we go on field trips and meet even more parents and students in this community. The school provides a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved with the school and each other. I find this very attractive as my daughter is able to learn about different cultures and ways of learning by associating with such a diverse group of students. Also, she has learned that no matter where we live, we all have the same common goals and problems.

(5) School Location

The school is in a nice neighborhood, but parents and students meet mainly in the community. There is a forest school program run by the school, students meet at the library during the week and use its resources. There is currently a homeschooling bowling day every Monday run by the school. There are many more examples. This makes the school so unique because it's not stuck to just one location. Also, there are set meeting times over zoom for any and all students to join in and chat with each other.


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