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REVIEW OF Agora Prep Academy BY parent, Valentino Manno

  • Date of Review
    August 05, 2022
  • Child 1
    Gr. 7 - 8 (Male, Current eSchool Student)

(5) Student Experience

Coming from both the YCDSB and YRDSB where our son was struggling with mask mandates and repetitive online learning we are very happy and fortunate to be a part of the Agora Prep Academy community. The guidance from the staff and support has been fantastic! It is such a close-knit family between the staff, parents and students which is something we've never experienced before. The kids, regardless of their ages, have all become close friends. The older kids also mentor the younger kids in the classroom and when the children go outside for recess. Our child is learning above his grade level and looks forward to Mondays to return to school to see his friends and coaches. I would highly recommend Agora to anyone searching for a superior school.

(5) School Leadership

The entire staff at Agora Prep is extremely helpful with any issue or concern a parent may have. The days usually start off with some deep breathing and meditation. They have plenty of projects and presentations on the go throughout the school year. I was notified very often of what my son was learning and how the day was going. The school also has an app that gives you up-to-date notifications on your phone so you know what is happening at the school!

(5) Teaching

Teachers at Agora are called coaches. The reason for this is students and coaches are considered equals and not superior to the children. This concept has benefited the relationship between our son and his coaches where he considers the coaches his peers rather than bosses to report up to. During his lunch hour, our son will sit down with the coaches and his friends and they will have conversations about the day's curriculum or what is happening in their daily lives and events around the world. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and committed to every student's needs. They encourage every child to do what they enjoy and somehow the coaches put a twist on it and make it a learning experience. I am completely satisfied with the coaches at the school.

(5) Academics

Our son has learned so much more in the last year at Agora compared to the last two years in the school system. His reading, writing and math have improved tremendously since he started at Agora. Yes, Agora still teaches cursive! The best part is that Agora supports and encourages all students to flourish through their strengths and needs as well as challenging themselves to new ways and ideas of learning and growing! Not only is he learning the basics of the Ontario School Curriculum, but he is also learning things that were never taught in a regular school. From applying for a mortgage, learning how to pay bills, and planting and tending a garden, to weekly presentations and public speaking, our son will be extremely prepared for the future with education and independence!

(5) School Life

Students and coaches seem to have a close relationship. The staff at Agora always greet us with a smile when we arrive to drop off and pick up our son. Ever since his first day, he has loved Agora Prep and wants to be at school. Mornings used to be a struggle to get our son out of bed and off to school. Since Agora, he is dressed and ready to go with no effort on my part in the mornings compared to not wanting to go to school in the past. If you ask my son, is there anything he doesn't like about Agora Prep? His answer is "I love everything about my school, I just wish the school didn't close on Christmas and March Break!"

(5) Admissions

It was a simple process in applying to Agora Prep Academy. The principal, Sylvia, gave us a free day trial to see if it was a good fit for our son. After our trial day, it was an easy process with an evaluation to see where our son was academically. The administration makes this experience quick and easy. Filling out forms and signing everything to enroll our son was so quick and easy. Our son was completely registered and ready to go the following day. If we came across any issues with the process, the administration was there to help. Either with a quick phone call, email or just speaking to administration when we arrived at the school to pick up or drop off our son!


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