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Appleby College ADMISSIONS

Private schools in Canada have admissions policies, and they require application materials. These may include letters of application, application fees, essays, and tests (such as the SSAT). Many schools also require interviews with prospective students. Schools also use different criteria for evaluating student applications, have different acceptance rates, and target different kinds of students. To improve your child’s chances of acceptance, find out everything you can about a school’s admissions policies and how they assess applicants.

Admissions Requirements

Interview7 - 12
SSAT (out of province)
Entrance Exam(s)
Entrance Essay

Appleby College admissions deadlines and fees

Day students: October 31
Boarding students: Rolling
Offer mid-year entry: No

Application fee: N/A
Registration fee: N/A
Deposit: N/A

What Appleby College says about their admissions requirements:

Online Application Form

As the first step in the application process please complete the online application form ( Please note, new applicants will be asked to create an account before proceeding to the application form. If you are a returning applicant, the login method previously used when submitting your Appleby College application has changed as Blackbaud - Appleby's education management system (BBK12) provider, has phased out its existing login method. Returning applicants are asked to contact [email protected] and a member of the Appleby Technology Team will be happy to assist you.

It should take you approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the online form. Once you have completed the form you will be asked to pay the school's non-refundable application fee. For Canadian residents the fee is $200, for International residents the fee is $300.

As part of the application process, please have the following information and documents available for submission: 

EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT (IF APPLICABLE): To help us ensure that the applicant (upon condition of acceptance) receives the appropriate support needed to have a successful experience at Appleby, a copy of their last assessment is appreciated if available.

ESL LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT (IF APPLICABLE): If the applicant is a non-native English speaker applying for grades 10 through 12 please provide your TOEFL, or IELTS test date. For non-native English speakers applying for grades 7 through 9 please provide your TOEFL Jr or iTEP test date.  Please note that, for those who are unable to access one of the above English Language Assessments, we are currently accepting Duolingo as an alternative.


Learn about the percentage of students typically accepted into Appleby College. This can help you gauge your chances of getting into this school. For instance, a 95% acceptance rate means a school is relatively easy to get into, while a 10% acceptance rate means it will be difficult to get into.

Appleby College acceptance rate: 32%

Day Boarding

Appleby College student entry points

Schools accept different numbers of students at different grade levels. Learn how many students are accepted into Appleby College at each grade level.

Student Type789101112
Day Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)
55 - 60 (50%)8 - 10 (29%)52 - 60 (38%)8 - 12 (26%)1 - 4 (13%)
Boarding Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)
18 - 24 (20%)20 - 25 (27%)24 - 28 (30%)0 - 2 (8%)

What type of student Appleby College is looking for:

Students who are passionate about learning, inquisitive, energetic, engaged, and who get involved. Current students and alumni quite often say that “you can’t be a passive by-stander at Appleby. The faculty and your peers won’t let you. Appleby offers students incredible learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom but in return it demands a lot.”

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