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REVIEW OF Ashwood Glen BY parent, Ireland Bartlett

  • Date of Review
    February 27, 2023
  • Child 1
    Nursery/Toddler - Preschool (Female, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

Ireland is thriving at Ashwood Glen! Her teachers and the support team are all so kind, patient, and engaging. She is encouraged to be herself and is given the space to focus on what she enjoys most at school. She is afforded the opportunity to select her preferred activities. Although she may have subjects that are not her favorite, her teachers strategically weave those elements into her day to ensure she is working on her knowledge and skills in all areas. Her social skills have improved greatly. My daughter has become very articulate and she loves to recite their classroom songs and learnings at home. We see weekly improvements in her abilities and she looks forward to school and seeing her teacher and classmates each day!

(5) School Leadership

The leadership and administrative team are extremely responsive, understanding, and patient with all inquiries or needs. They really care about the well-being of their students. They use open lines of communication to report and respond to any concerns, disciplinary issues, or accidents. They are fourth coming with information in a timely and efficient manner. Daily school newsletters provide parents with key updates from a single source. This allows us to stay on top of all special programming and key dates.

(5) Teaching

Our experience with the teachers is always positive. We receive daily progress reports and are seeing the capabilities they highlight. They also focus in on each child’s unique skills and interests and cater their programming to the individual student. They seem very knowledgeable and specifically skilled at evaluating and identifying students' needs!

(5) Academics

I know for certain that my child is far exceeding her peers at her age. This is due to the special care, programming, and attention she receives at Ashwood Glen.

(4) Extracurriculars

School is missing sports programming for older grades, however, due to classroom sizes this would not be possible. I do feel like they do a great job of running extra programs that allow students to tap into their creativity and challenge them beyond the classroom.

(5) Students

It has been my experience that there are strong relationships built and fostered among the students in their classrooms. Organized school activities also provide students with the opportunity to engage with students who aren’t in their classroom every day.

(5) School Life

My child is excited to go to school each day. She has special interactions with leadership, the administrative team, teachers, and students all before she even enters her classroom. It is always a warm and welcoming environment!

(5) Community

Most definitely. Involvement and construction by the family are encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated. We have made great friendships in our short time there. Lots of opportunities to get involved.

(3.5) School Location

Would love it if the school had more green space but that is difficult in a city location. We find it to be a convenient location within the city. It seems that students stay within the property grounds unless an activity has been organized.


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