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REVIEW OF Ashwood Glen BY parent, Erin Maynes

  • Date of Review
    March 20, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 8 (Male, Current Day Student)

(4.5) Student Experience

Our son is currently in his 3rd year at Ashwood Glen. Due to his own personal challenges, and a public school unable to meet his needs, we researched other avenues of schooling. Ashwood Glen has more than addressed our son's needs and is comfortably inclusive. Every child has different strengths, and this school can support and challenge children. I would say that because it’s a newer school, the older grades have fewer students which is great for ratios and instruction. However, for my son, it can also pose social challenges for friendships, which is an area he struggles. I appreciate how the staff supports this by encouraging group projects and positive cooperation, and through the varied lively group discussions engaged in during class time.

(4) School Leadership

The Ashwood Glen staff promotes kindness and teaches the students how to get along with each other. They encourage students during class time to work cooperatively together and be open to listening to others' ideas. If problems arise between students, they are encouraged to communicate effectively to resolve differences. They promote diversity, through a varied teaching body and student population. Teaching and understanding different customs and cultures from varied countries around the world is a common theme promoted at Ashwood Glen.

(4.5) Teaching

Parent-teacher conferences are frequent and informative to help provide great communication to keep your child on track. I have always found this a great time to problem solve with the teacher - both of us working together to help find creative methods to teach my son. He needs positive effective support, which is ever-changing as he develops. Having focus and processing challenges and adapting to routine, are just some of the aspects that he faces. There have been a few switchovers of staff early on, which has been challenging for my son who doesn’t thrive on change. However, Ashwood Glen teachers are professional and engaging. They are open to ideas, understanding of parent concerns, and supportive of student challenges and accommodations. It is clear they enjoy their profession.

(4.5) Academics

Ashwood Glen has a diverse mix of programs to keep any child interested. They also offer separate arts programs: Fine Arts, Music, Drama, and Design classes. While generally, these are not areas my son excels in, the teachers endeavor to ground projects and coursework in historical and social constructs, which piques his interest. He has found his footing in these classes through teacher encouragement and positivity. Areas I would like to see developed, would be offering Computer science classes or a Stem program. For us, it has always been a question of "what’s my son's next steps?”, to prepare him for high school. The school and teachers work diligently to provide a quality experience by running several learning events, special days, and fairs for students to participate in.

(4) Extracurriculars

Quality after-school programs are offered, and a school student council is available to all who are interested and elected. Unfortunately due to current space restrictions and lacking a field, there are no team sports available that I’m aware of. However, there are opportunities through various events where students can participate actively as a group to support each other and individually.

(4.5) Students

The kids are encouraged to be kind and treat each other with respect. The smaller class size and group activities encourage them to work cooperatively together. The older kids help the younger grades in reading etc. During school concerts and school events, all grades participate and help each other. This year, students in the upper years will be attending the Model United Nations together with students from other schools. For events like the Science fair or Art fair, every class gets involved, attends, and then supports and encourages each other. This includes the teacher and admin staff as well, they always attend and cheer on the student body. In gym class grades will sometimes take part together in playing games and sports. There is a real community spirit within the school.

(4) School Life

We started looking for options outside of the public system when my son got to the point where we felt he was lost in most classes, the teachers didn’t know how to reach him. He was always avoiding school and I can reasonably say he was on a trajectory of falling too far behind. Things changed greatly when we transferred my son to Ashwood Glen. For the first time ever, he actually likes to go to school and gets excited when they're doing a project or event he feels connected to. It’s built confidence and strength in him. I think anyone looking for a place to send their child, and worrying if they will “fit in” - this is the place.

(4) Community

There is a wonderful welcoming Parent community that organizes multiple events throughout the school year. Having been to a meeting, I can say there are always opportunities to get involved. Some ways I’ve seen this are in the planning of special events, helping with school fundraisers, and also in the discussion of physical spaces in and around the school, always happy looking for things to be better utilized or organized. Attending events or concerts really gives you a sense of how much effort and care is put into making things run so smoothly. It’s a small school but you don’t feel your child is “cheated” by the scale of available colorful opportunities. The staff, teachers, and parent community work together to make that happen with the care they demonstrate.

(4) School Location

The school is centrally located on Fairview St. close to restaurants and shopping. Students visit the nearby eateries to pick up food and drinks. I generally think of this school and grounds as more of an urban downtown area, than the more the traditional suburban neighborhood. However it is definitely walkable, has a small playground and parking lot, as well as close by bus access points.

(4) Admissions

Ashwood Glen has quality website with a stream lined registration process. An interview was required for admission, though this is probably common of most private schools. Paperwork to be filled out is pretty standard stuff, nothing out of the ordinary or too much. If anything after discussing our concerns regarding past experiences and what we’re hoping for, the staff put us at ease, and reassured us that if he was accepted they would endeavour to fulfill our expectations. They clearly lined out they’re expectations for their students, and where and how they believed they could help our son. They spoke to our son, asked pertinent questions, and in the end he was accepted. I feel overall, it has been a great experience for him and us.


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