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Raewyn Khosla - Parent   (Mar 01, 2022)

Our son had an excellent experience at Astolot. Previous to starting the school in Grade 6 he had attended public school, been homeschooled and also gone to an alternative school. In all those situations it was challenging to meet his academic and social needs. At Astolot he really enjoyed the big ‘family’ aspect of the school ( pre-COVID restrictions especially). The kids from different grades get to know each other and it created a very inclusive and healthy experience. He enjoyed helping the younger kids with events like pumpkin carving. He felt very safe as there is a big emphasis on respect, and behaving appropriately which makes for a safe and kind environment. Where Astolot really shone for him was in their ability to meet his need for enrichment in math in particular. They were flexible and creative in their suggestions and also super responsive to his needs which was such a welcome change. He flourished and had some excellent successes. The one challenge for him was that the classes are very small and with the COVID restrictions it meant that he didn’t have the same ability to mingle with other kids in the school, so he missed that social aspect.

Anne Marie Laurin - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

Our son started at Astolot in grade 2 and is graduating this year. As a person with dual exceptionalities (gifted/ADHD), he was ill suited to the local public school's French immersion program. That all changed at Astolot. My child was given the freedom to accelerate his learning where he was capable of doing so, and given support in those areas (e.g. social skills) where he needed it. He learned to manage his emotions; to take responsibility for his actions; and, to direct his own learning. In his last year, the school also helped him in his transition to university. In fact, he got A+ in his first 2 university courses! Most importantly, however, the school nurtured his emotional and social growth. I will miss this school!

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