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REVIEW OF Blyth Academy The Glebe, Ottawa BY student, Arash Mirghassemi

  • Date of Review
    January 23, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(5) Student Experience

If I could describe Blyth Academy it is a remarkable place to go. I started back in the ninth grade and have met such wonderful friends and made wonderful memories. I have also learned a lot along the way. The teachers were very accommodating! The school gives you a new opportunity to improve your skills and work. I would not change anything! I wish I had come here sooner since the school was so nice! I wish I had come earlier because all my friends are very nice and I wish I knew them longer and everything! To be fully honest I love it here since the teachers are very helpful and accommodating and the students are very friendly and I would recommend it to everyone I know.

(5) School Leadership

The principal was wonderful and kind, and the guidance counselors were very helpful and resourceful! I appreciate how they help you understand concepts! The guidance counselors really helped me through every tough situation I was in. The principal was always so kind and helpful. From "Good Morning!" to "Is everything okay?" I felt that they really helped guide me towards a good path. They inspired me to keep pushing forward to be a better version of myself. This is very important in a student's life.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are perfect! All students deserve a great education and the teachers provide that! They do this by helping and working with you until you grasp the information!! The teachers also helped me understand what I want to do with my future by mentioning their pathways. They also inspired me to be who I am due to that I really appreciate them. When the teachers express how they are proud it makes you feel great. It is unimaginable how much help they provide and how much they care about your education. Some teachers filled me up with such confidence and happiness it made me love courses that I thought were difficult. They never expect too much of you since they are very understanding and flexible.

(5) Academics

The work is just right since it depends on the course! I believe what I have learned will be useful and resourceful for my future since I am wanting to be a psychologist. The course load varied depending on the courses I would take but never viewed it to be too hard or unreasonable. Through academics, it aided me to see the different pathways and subjects that would interest me and I enjoy that a lot. I also feel that my educational expectation was met. I think some courses were difficult but I have learned that you can do anything if you try your best. You can also expand your knowledge and it is very beneficial to be able to take on the challenges which I have learned some information on while studying here.

(5) Extracurriculars

I wish for an art club at our school! Everyone also has an equal chance and opportunity to join any club/team to join!! I also wish we kinda had a soccer team since it is a team sport and I have seen throughout my time here many of my friends enjoy the sport just as much as I do!

(5) Students

The students here are very friendly and welcoming! Most of my friends that started this year or last year have already made many friends and have joined a lot of groups. Therefore, I believe it is a welcoming and beautiful community! The students here when I started were all so different from my past school they make sure you are okay and if you are included. All the grades are friends like my friend group vary and all of us feel included. Another advantage is if you have a certain hobby or interest, you will find a group or a few people who share a common interest no matter what grade and who you are. Everyone is so nice and thoughtful that it makes you feel included, happy, and much more.

(5) School Life

I would be thrilled to show new students everywhere around the school since I would want them to recognize they are welcome and they have support from the guidance counselors and principal. I also would show the students the principal's office and guidance counselor's office since I would want to show the students where they can go for any help, or assistance, or any support they need. I believe students should see where they can go when they are feeling down since it helps them express their emotions to someone who can help them. I would also probably show them some of the classrooms they would be in depending on their courses and grade since I wouldn't want them to get lost on their first day.

(5) Community

When I come to school I feel like I am at my second home since my friends are like my second family. Everyone tries to make everyone feel included and appreciated! The school community is filled with a lot of diversity in educational paths and students. School is like a community you are filled with so many new faces and so many new things that it makes you so happy. The diverse students also are interesting since there are different interests and hobbies. It is kind of like the real world but people are more talkative and make you feel like you are included since you can make your own friend groups. You can also be recognized by everyone since it is such a small-world type of school.

(5) School Location

The campus is surrounded by multiple places and I think that is wonderful since many students like to go buy food or go for a walk. The location is just perfect! Some students that stay on campus also enjoy it since when it is cold or rainy they discuss in the lounges provided or classrooms but overall it is a great place to be.

(5) Admissions

Admissions at the school are not difficult it is quite simple. I do not remember my own experience. It is not stressful since I found it fun cause it was a new experience and it felt nerve-racking but exciting. Personally, I don't remember my admissions experience. For advice, I would say be yourself and be ready to have a different type of education and approach and you are going to have some fun. I would say one thing that I didn't know before applying is that it is a great place to apply and it is brilliant to explore new options. The way the courses are done is really exciting since it is interesting and really fun. I would definitely want this style compared to my old schools.


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