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"The school’s online platform has made communication with the teachers extremely easy. They reply quickly..."

Lindsay Novak - Parent   (Mar 10, 2020)

Adjusting to full-time school for the first time is not easy, but staff and fellow parents alike have made this transition seamless for our son. He loves going to school everyday and has grown to love learning! Our son has grown in leaps and bounds in his language and writing skills. He is writing his letters clearly and beginning to understand writing words from left to right across a page. He identifies many words in books as read by being able to sound out the letters. Most importantly for ... View full review

"Students get the academic base but also the hands-on experience to apply their learning."

Kaitlin Abbott - Parent   (Mar 02, 2020)

My son loves JK at BCA - at age 4 he's reading simple books independently, can count to 100 and loves to learn. He has made many friends and looks forward to attending each day. As a BCA alumni I can attest personally to how the school helped to strengthen my faith, by having teachers and friends outside of my family and church to demonstrate a life lived for Christ. I attended a good local public school and was diagnosed with a learning disability but because I didn't have a behavioural issue... View full review

"There is always a teacher available at the end of the school day to discuss your child's day..."

Grace J - Parent   (Feb 27, 2020)

We just started at this school. My child loves the teacher and is always excited about going to school. The kindergarten teachers have a one on one approach which is super helpful for kids who need extra care and attention to function in a classroom. The teachers took a special interest to find out what works best for my child and develop age appropriate skills for school. For kindergarten students, they spend their day participating in age appropriate activities to build their cognitive... View full review

caring staff, good communication

Doriel Moulton - Parent   (Mar 12, 2018)

My children absolutely LOVE attending BCA. They feel truly loved and cared for by their teachers, and even though it is not where they started the elementary education, they were able to form fast and lasting friendships with other students. Every evening when I pick them up after school and ask how their day went, I always get one of two answers: “Great!” or “Awesome!” This is often quickly followed by a breakdown of what was most enjoyable as well as the not-too-enjoyable portions. View full review

" ... loves the hands-on learning"

Tammy Beattie - Parent   (Feb 13, 2018)

My son's self esteem has soared since joining BCA. He is finding success, and loves the hands-on learning. His favorite part about the school is the Special Programming for grades 6-8. He is in Edventure. A program that offers hands on learning in all subject areas that reinforces what they are learning in the classroom. My son has a Learning Disability and BCA understands how he learns and teaches to that. He has an IEP that is collaboratively created and followed. The smaller class siz... View full review

Smaller class sizes, specialized hands-on learning

Chris Heise - Parent   (Jan 31, 2018)

We have four children who have all experienced a wonderful transition from the public school system to BCA. Our children appreciate so much about their experience at BCA - the caring attentiveness of each of their teachers, the smaller class sizes, the specialized, hands-on learning in the senior programs, and the holistic approach to their academic pursuits that includes reflection on issues of life and faith. What disappoints them? The only complaint I've heard is that they wish their was more... View full review

A unique style of learning

Tosha Freitag - Parent   (Jan 24, 2018)

All 3 of my children thrive in the small class room size where they feel like a student and not another body occupying a seat. They feel they are an individual with a unique style of learning. They feel their needs are assessed and met. They enjoy the lack of stressful competition and embrace the learning experiences offered. They love that teachers look outside the box and incorporate other learning styles in to their plan such as group work in the hall way, or shooting baskets in the gym in-b... View full review

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