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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About College Prep International (2021)

College Prep International alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Ali, Hassam, Sima had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Ali — alum

Ali is a graduate of College Prep International. He shared a little about his journey, recalling the welcoming and friendly environment of the school, which helped him overcome initial stress and the language barrier.

  • College Prep International was where I learned English and where I started my whole career. I remember the first day we came to visit the school, and I was so stressed out, like, “What's going to happen? How am I going to communicate?” And Ms. Mora took me out of the office and we walked into the cafeteria. Everyone was so friendly. We started playing ping-pong, and she told me about the food, and she was so calm and welcoming. And, even though I couldn't speak English, I somehow found a way to communicate with Ms. Mora, and that really affected me.

  • Even today, after eleven years, I still come to visit the school, and help them with things that they need. And it still feels the same: An amazing, welcoming environment. When I will bring my own kids to school, this is a place I will bring them.

  • If I had to describe College Prep with just three words, I would say welcoming, smart and kind.

Hassam — current parent

Hassam, the parent of two alumni, shared his positive experience with College Prep International, highlighting its welcoming atmosphere and effective integration of his daughters, especially as newcomers to Canada. He expressed pride and satisfaction with the quality education, friendships, and teaching staff at the school.

  • From the moment I saw College Prep’s website, I had that feeling that this is the right school. When I visited the school, I felt that I was really making the right choice. When we immigrated to Canada, five years ago, I wanted to send my kids to a good school. I didn't know anybody in Montreal. So, I first went through the web.

  • I felt that my kids really fit in this school and developed their personalities, even though we came from a different culture. And that was when my daughters were new to Canada. And I wanted a place where it could be suitable for them to develop their personalities and skills. And I believe we found that. I am very, very happy that I made that choice.

  • This is a truly amazing school. Both my daughters were happy to go to school. They had quality education, quality friends, quality teachers. I got everything that I wanted from the school. And I was proud that I had my kids in the school. I was really proud.

Sima — alum

Sima, an alumna of College Prep International, shared her experiences, emphasizing the school's family-like atmosphere and supportive environment. Sima advised new students to enjoy their time, and not worry, describing the school as a second home.

  • What families might find surprising about College Prep International is the family atmosphere, the great environment where their children are going to grow. It’s a very healthy atmosphere, a healthy environment, where there is love all around. There is no judgment, everyone's there to help. Everyone's there for you. You will never feel pressured.

  • For new students, I will tell them to actually just enjoy their time, because all the hard things are going to be easy at College Prep. I will tell them to never worry. Everything is going to be great at the school. So just to enjoy their time and do everything they're supposed to be doing and just be responsible.

  • You leave home to come to a second home, you never feel like you're going to school.


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