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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About College Prep International (2021)

College Prep International alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Ali, Hassam, Sima had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Ali — alum

Ali came to Canada from Persia as an anxious young man, not knowing how he would communicate with his peers since he could not speak English. When he had his first visit at College Prep International, Ali was put at ease. He was welcomed by the school’s loving staff, who interacted with and played with him despite the language barrier. He really appreciated how friendly everyone was, which made it easy for him to learn English and thrive academically. Ali believes that College Prep International helped guide him to his current career, and shows his appreciation to the school by visiting, volunteering, and supporting the new generation of students there.

  • “I'm one of the former students at College Prep International… When I came to Canada, I couldn't really speak English well, and I had anxiety... Until my parents found College Prep International. I remember the first day [my family and I] came to [College Prep International] for visiting and registration, and I was so stressed out. I thought, ‘How am I going to communicate?’ [One of the teachers] took me out of the office and we started playing ping pong. She told me about the food and she was so calm and welcoming. I couldn't speak English but I somehow found a way to communicate with [that teacher], which really affected me.” 
  • “I started studying at [College Prep International]. Everyone was so friendly. That's where I learned English, which started my whole career from there. So that's the first impression that I had from College Prep [International]. Even today, after 11 years.. .. I visit [College Prep International], and help them with things that they need.”
  • “[College Prep International] is an amazing, welcoming environment. If I have to bring my kids to a school, this is a place I will bring them.”
  • “There are so many amazing characteristics that [College Prep International] has, but I would say [the school is] welcoming, smart, and kind.”

Hassam — current parent

Hassam came to Canada in 2016 with his two children and wanted to make sure that they were given a great education and were able to develop their skills and personalities. He chose College Prep International after finding their website online and feeling a connection to the school immediately. When they arrived, Hassam knew he made the right decision, because his whole family was welcomed into the College Prep International community very quickly. He felt that his children received a quality education, made great friends, and had wonderful teachers at the school.

  • “I'm the father of [twpo children who] both graduated from [College Prep International]. When we first immigrated to Canada five years ago, I wanted to transfer my kids into a good school. I didn't know anybody in Canada, and I didn't know anybody in Montreal, so I went through the web. For some reason, I opened College Prep [International’s web page]. I had that feeling the moment I saw the website. I had that feeling that this is the right school.”
  • “I came to register [my kids at College Prep International], and when I went inside, I felt that I was really making the right choice. … That moment was amazing. I felt that my kids really could fit in this school and develop their personalities because we come from a different culture. That was the first [my kids] came to Canada.”
  • “I wanted a [school] that would be suitable for [my kids] to develop their personalities and skills. I believe I gained that. My kids were very, very happy that I chose [College Prep International].”
  • “[You should] expect amazing things [from College Prep International]. If I was to make the slogan for the school, I would choose ‘expect amazing,’ because it really was amazing how my kids were adopted into [College Prep International]. That's how I felt [too]. I felt adopted to the school. … It's like a second family. [My daughter] was always happy to go to school. [My son] was always happy to go to school. I wasn't when I was their age, but they were happy to leave the house, to go to school, and spend quality time [there].”
  • “I got everything I wanted from the school. I was very happy that I made that choice. [College Prep International] did not disappoint me. I was proud that I got my kids into the school.”

Sima — alum

Sima graduated from College Prep International in 2019. During her time at the school, she felt that it was a healthy environment where there was love all around her. She appreciated that the teaching style at College Prep International made difficult topics fun and easy to learn, and that help was always there if students needed it. She believed that the school never pressured students, but helped them grow at their own pace.

  • “I graduated [from College Prep International] in 2019, two years ago. What families would find surprising [about College Prep International] is the family atmosphere and the great environment. Their children are gonna grow in a very healthy atmosphere, a healthy environment where there is love all around. There is no judgment, and everyone's there to help. Everyone's there for you. [Students] never feel pressured, and everyone is there to help them.”
  • “[College Prep International] is a family. [Students] leave home to come to a second home, it never feels like you're going to school.”
  • “I would tell [future College Prep International students] to never worry. Everything is going to be great at the school. I would tell them not to panic, and to actually enjoy their time, because all the hard things are going to be easy at College Prep [International]. So just to enjoy their time there, do everything they're supposed to be doing, and just be responsible.”

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