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Interview with Crescent School PARENT, Sherri and Derek Neldner

Sherri and Derek have three sons who attend Crescent School. They felt the application process was exceedingly helpful and flexible, especially since they were moving from out of province. All three boys have found their niche at the school despite being quite different from one another. They find that Crescent has a very well-rounded program and teachers who are mentors as well.

Highlights from the interview

  • The process for us in choosing Crescent for our three boys was really terrific. Our family was moving from out of province. Right from the very start, the team at Crescent was absolutely phenomenal at helping us understand the process, understand what Crescent stood for, both in terms of its culture and values, the academic program, and the extracurricular activities. They made the process really easy for us. They were very helpful and flexible in how we could go about the application process.

  • Hands down, Crescent, when compared to other schools, made the out-of-province application process easy. They answered all of our questions, which were sometimes probably silly and small details, but it really made the difference in helping us feel comfortable with our decision.

  • We have three boys at Crescent right now and each has found their own niche within the school. They're currently in Grade 11, Grade 9, and Grade 6. All three are very different kids, very different personalities, very different interests. They each have different interests that have been able to be fostered within the school and different friends and support groups. They each have their own thing they're getting out of the school.

  • What we were attracted to Crescent for is that it's a very well-rounded program. All three of our sons have absolutely loved their experience at Crescent. Each of the boys is very different. One of them has loved the robotics program and has just really enjoyed his time with his friends and with the teachers as part of robotics, including the competitions. Our middle son is really into sports and athletics, and he's participated in soccer, track and field, cross country, and a number of different things. Our youngest son is a little bit of both. He's involved in music; he's involved in sports. Each of them has found different things that have fit their own unique and individual personalities very well.

  • One common theme on what our sons appreciate most about the school would have to be the teachers. In each year, each of our kids has found a teacher or a mentor who has gone above and beyond to connect with our son or develop a special relationship, whether it's based on interest or as a coach with sports. The teachers are just phenomenal. They really care. They really take the time to get to know your child and really appreciate how different they are, their uniqueness, and support them.

  • Our sons have always felt very encouraged by the school and by the teachers to participate, to do their best. Even when it doesn't go well, they walk away feeling supported and feel good about themselves. And it's all just made for a really terrific experience.

  • What I've appreciated most about the experience at Crescent is it really is a very holistic experience that is very much focused on culture and values and character. It's a core part of what the school strives for. They talk about taking boys of promise and turning them into men of character, and they really do mean it. It's not just about education and academics. It's about a very holistic approach to learning. They take very seriously the responsibility they have for these kids, and they really take a lot of pride in developing them into good, well-rounded citizens.

  • There’s a real sense of community at Crescent. Everyone—the parents, the teachers, the administrators, the coaches—are all working together to give the best possible support and experience to your child.

  • We did go in with high expectations and Crescent has only surpassed what we expected.

  • The fact that I actually know all four of the school's values, I think, is a testament to the fact that they are reiterated and reinforced at the school at a very young age and continue up through the grades. So it's respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion. Crescent actually enforces these and reinforces them at a very young age in all aspects of the school, right from Grade 3 through to Grade 12. It really is core to the school and how they teach and impact the boys.

  • I actually don't think there is a typical family at Crescent. Everyone is unique and comes from diverse backgrounds. The commonality among everyone at the school, all the different families, is that they want the best for their son, and they chose Crescent to help provide that education.

  • Families are very engaged with the school and very friendly. We moved from out of province. We didn't really know anybody at the school. Everybody has in common a pride in the school and a caring for their kids. People tend to look up for one another. It's quite a close-knit family across the school.

  • For each of our sons, there's been that special thing that really made them feel a tremendous amount of pride in being part of the school community. I would say that what they all have in common is they've all found something that they've excelled at. They've all felt a lot of pride from the school because they did well in a club, or they did well in a sport, or they won an award year end for academics, or for character, or for something they contributed to the school.

  • We've really had a great experience with the teachers. They're a really talented group. They're just great educators, and I feel the kids are all getting a terrific education. But more importantly, I think they're really good role models and good mentors, and they really care about the boys. They pay attention to how the kids are doing. They're interested in their well-being and making sure that they're doing well as people, not just as students, and that they're thriving in the school beyond just the academics; that socially, things are going well. They're fitting in well with friends. They're getting involved in extracurriculars. It really is a broad approach that's centred on making sure the boys are doing well in all aspects of school.

  • There's a constant dialogue with the administration. You're working together with the teacher on helping your child. Obviously, there's report card periods where you have parent-teacher interviews and you have full ability to reach out to all teachers. For any issue that comes up you can send an email and they're very responsive. I've had teachers send me notes midday saying that a child seems slightly off that day and asking whether anything has happened or is anything to be concerned of? So they really truly care.

  • You can see that when your boy leaves Crescent, he will be this independent, strong person who is ready to take on the world. It's an amazing experience to watch.


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