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REVIEW OF Crescent School BY parent, Claire Chen

  • Date of Review
    June 21, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 4 - Gr. 7

(5) Student Experience

The character education is very unique and useful. There are four pillars— Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion. Kids are friendly to each other. Every new kid can easily find a friend on the first day to Crescent school. The STEM education is very strong too. My kids especially love the robotics. From Grade 6 the school has robotics training as part of science subject. They also enjoy being part of various sports teams. School also cares about their mental development. Students are required to sleep well, training well, eat well, and keep mentally healthy (another unique STEM program). Students are caring because they can feel and appreciate the caring from school. Life at Crescent is very healthy, fulfilling and meaningful.

(4) School Leadership

Crescent school stands out due to its unique character program- Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion. The whole school is like a big family. Once you have a question, everyone would love to help you as soon as possible. Headmaster welcomes students in front of the entrance as long as he is in town. Teachers will try to respond emails in 12 hours. They handle discipline issues fairly and judiciously. They respond to problems appropriately and foster an open and positive environment to students and parents.

(4.5) Teaching

I am quite happy with the quality of instruction in Crescent school. The school offers as many activities as possible. Students receive challenges and also encouragements to do their best. The school not only teaches students in class but also teaches them in speeches and in life. Crescent is well known for its lower school choir. Students receive professional training in singing and also in instruments. The choir team attend contests and trips abroad. Crescent teachers are very passionate and they are willing to devote themselves in many extracurricular clubs. They love to communicate with kids when they have questions and they also encourage kids to be good team members, good students and good citizens. Every kid receives both challenges and the support every day in the school life.

(4.5) Academics

In lower school it is not obvious to know the academic strength. Crescent school believes that lower school students should experience everything they like. In middle school, students learn to find and decide what their real interests and strengths are. Students in middle school share common interest in the same club. There are enriched programs available for outstanding students in Math, French and English. Students also start outreach programs in middle school. In upper school, students are encouraged to focus on their strength and dig deeper. The guidance advisors as well as the mentors will give advice and guide students to correct way in their life. I feel the academic strength in Crescent is fully preparing a student to Canada universities and also being successful in one’s life.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

There are lots extracurricular activities offered in Crescent School. By sporting spirit students are cultivated to become a devoted and warm hearted citizen. The outreach program starts in grade 6 and more in middle school. Students can select what they want to do in outreach program and they can learn more when they help others. There are also Science Fairs, Model U.N., Robotics games, Math Fairs for those instersts in the school.

(3) Students

Students get along pretty well, I bet the friendship and family feel is bred through the school culture. They enjoy friendship as soon as the first day they arrive at the school. Crescent boys are strong. It is because they are cultivated in many sport activities since grade three. Crescent school students are recognized as gentlemen feel and spirit. It is because they receive the character education since they are young. Students are very knowledgeable due to the fact that they are encouraged to explore many fields and challenges in the school. Students are quite humble, gentle, confident, humorous and they have sport spirit. People usually describe Crescent boys as “sunshine gentlemen”, which is genuine to me.

(5) School Life

Kids like Crescent school because they have good friendship. My kids told me they fell in love with Crescent the first month they came to this school. They love going to school everyday and they can’t wait to come back to the school right away when the summer vacation is over. They want to meet friends and teachers. They can arrange play days with friends. With friends share common hobbies, they can play soccer or basketball together, they can do research or play robotics together, they can go bubble run or go summer camps together. There are lots of things waiting for them to explore or complete together. The school life is busy but happy. Students are confident, enjoying and fulfilled in school life.

(4.5) Community

Parents are like family members and everyone likes to help others. School welcomes parents to be involved in the life of the school. Most parents enjoy volunteering in the school and share experience to new comers. The family community is warm and multi-culture. Everyone can raise their hand and say his/her opinion or give a hand to organize an event. Crescent school is well known for its huge garage sale in the neighbourhood. This event is organized and helped by all Crescent parents every year. The community atmosphere is caring and very positive. People will feel this atmosphere when they come to the open house events. As a parent, I volunteer in many activities. We appreciate that school give us sunshine boys. We are happy to give back more sunshine to school.

(5) School Location

Crescent school is located in a very busy district. There is large forest behide the school so students can learn wild animals in the forest. However the natural area limits the development of school buildings. The cafeteria in Crescent school is very small but offer students great lunch. Lunch is included in tuition by the way. Students venture beyond the school grounds.


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