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REVIEW OF Crestwood Preparatory College BY student, ella newton

  • Date of Review
    August 05, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 11

(5) Student Experience

Starting high school at a brand new school, not knowing many people, and being one of the younger ones in the school can be super nerve-racking and intimidating. This was me when I first started at Crestwood in Grade 9. But, after the first day of school, I knew that I was going to love it, and there was absolutely nothing to be nervous about. These last three years at Crestwood have been some of the best years of my life (COVID aside)! The one thing I tell people when they ask me what is so great about Crestwood, and what makes it different from other schools is that it feels like a family. Everybody knows one another even if they are in a different grade. The relationships that you build at Crestwood are special ones. Whether it’s with your teachers, fellow students, and other members of the school. Crestwood has also granted me a plentiful amount of opportunities. There are more clubs and teams than you can imagine. This is why it is such an inclusive place. I feel as though we have great school spirit, but I do wish that there were more events throughout the year that can get everyone involved. Being a student-athlete, I was not prepared for the amount of homework I had. Trying to balance school with sport is something that many Crestwood students struggle with. In my opinion, it would help a lot if we were given some class time to work on homework. I don’t really have many cons to the school as it is such an inclusive, fun, and safe space. Crestwood has really shaped me into the person I am today.

(4) School Leadership

I do think that the school leadership is one to be respected. They are such prominent figures in the school and nothing would really happen without them. I do think that if the head of leadership such as the principals and teachers communicated more with the students it would be a better place. Sometimes there are things that the headmaster or teachers will say, or make rules when they don’t really understand how the logistics will work from a student's standpoint.

(4) Teaching

For the most part, the teachers at Crestwood are pretty amazing. I feel as though they do ask for a lot from you, but this is mostly because they know you can do it. I hear stories from friends at other schools about their teachers and it makes me so grateful for the ones that I have. Our teachers are kind and understanding, and for the most part, do provide some flexibility to students that need and deserve it. But they do also do a great job at getting students ready for post-secondary education with the workload. I also think that courses at Crestwood can be quite challenging, which is also preparing us for the next step. When teachers talk about success, I think they mean feeling comfortable and finding successes in the next step of your life.

(3.5) Academics

I think Crestwood students would have differing opinions on the workload. It truly depends on what grade and what courses you take. For me, I do find the work quite difficult in some courses. Although sometimes it is super frustrating when you can’t get a topic, the teachers offer lots of support and try to help you understand. The course load is heavy as we take all 8 classes at the same time. This means a lot of homework and time that needs to be put aside for studying. This also makes it quite difficult. But, I do think that every student will be grateful for this when they go on to the next chapters of their lives. It is only going to get more difficult so if the work you are doing in high school resembles that of university, it is going to make our lives easier.

(5) Extracurriculars

There are so many opportunities for Crestwood students to get involved in extracurricular activities. This year at Crestwood I played on two sports teams (hockey and soccer) and was a part of 4 clubs (YARRD, sr. prefects, athletic council, peer mentoring). I personally can’t come up with something else that I wish Crestwood offers, but I do know that if there is something that a student wishes to see then the staff is always willing to start it up. There is something for everyone.

(4.5) Students

I think that the school is very diverse when it comes to the types of students. People come from everywhere which shows you intriguing Crestwood is. The majority of the students are from the city but there are also a lot that come from outside. I live in a town and I find it super cool to have friends that live in the city. To describe the type of student at Crestwood is difficult because everyone is different. But, most students and kind and inviting, compassionate and ambitious. The typical “city kid” stereotype isn't really present at Crestwood. Everyone is equal and you’ll find friend groups with individuals that come from everywhere. I think this is why everyone is included. There are friend groups for everyone.

(4.5) School Life

In terms of the look and layout of our school it isn’t necessarily intending compared to some other private schools i’ve been to! But I think the school build itself doesn’t really matter. But, If i was to take someone on a tour the first place i would bring them to would be the L.C. As much as the L.C. is a quite okace to get some work done on a spare, or before and after school, it is also used as a hangout spot. I think that it shows Crestwoods community and culture better than anywhere in the school. Our gym, Caf, and classrooms like the art or drama rooms are also really cool. i would want to show visitors crestwood classes in action, becuase the class sizes is something that attracts a lot of people to Crestwood.

(5) Community

The school community at Crestwood is like no other. It does feel like a home to me, and I would assume to many others. It is an inclusive place where you always feel safe. All of the clubs and sports teams offer a smaller community for everyone. Because the school is quite small you know everyone, even by name in most cases! The relationships that you're able to build with other students are really unique. I find it quite easy to make friends, even with kids that aren’t in your grade. All of the teachers are super nurturing and enjoy making relationships with students which also helps with the school community. Everyone can feel appreciated because of all that Crestwood offers, and it does feel like home.

(3.5) School Location

The school location is in a great place in my opinion. There is a plaza right across the street with many food options. When students get their license there are also so many plazas that are within driving distance that offer different food options. Other than at lunchtime, students tend to stay on campus, even during their spares. There are lots of places to go on campus to do work or hang out with friends.

(3) Admissions

I had an experience in my application process that was a lot different from many other Crestwood students. But, I do remember the process of learning I was going to the school was quite exciting. I went on a shadow day, where I followed somebody around for the day. I got to see what the life of a Crestwood student was really like. The tests and interviews were something I never had to experience and do. But from what I have heard from my friends they were pretty hard. Sometimes people are coming from public schools where the content they are learning is not as good as what was being taught to students at Crestwood. I think this made it stressful for many people.


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