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Reviews of De La Salle College

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De La Salle College

"They fostered a learning environment that sparked interest and engagement in the student body"

Anthony Mastromarini - Alumnus   (Mar 15, 2021)

De La Salle played a crucial role in my formative years. Ever since I entered in Grade 7, the school has supported me in my academic and extracurricular endeavours, encouraging me to seek higher pursuits and guiding me along the way. Not only did the school challenge me intellectually, but it created opportunities to allow me to grow in other ways as well. The spirit of giving and care that underpinned school activities and communities events has also made an impression on me and is one of the m... View full review

" For the teachers, I have found many quite memorable and created an excitement to learn, they helped me when I needed it and congratulated me when I succeeded."

Mikayla Lorini - Student   (Mar 08, 2021)

I learned that Del will challenge you. Nonetheless, it was a great experience that I do not regret. While the workload was quite a push, I know it improved my work ethic and my confidence in my future academic career significantly. It is a traditional school in terms of its focus on Catholic teachings and beliefs, which was a personal challenge for me at the beginning, but I grew to appreciate the community during my time here. Lastly, while I was intimidated by a small social community and fitt... View full review

"I would describe De La Salle students as ones that are academically motivated, inclusive, and generous."

Giulia Di Fonzo - Student   (Mar 08, 2021)

I would rate student experience at De La Salle College a 9 because when I first arrived at the school, all teachers, administrators and students made it their priority to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. For instance, the Link Crew program provides each new student with the support and stability they need entering a new school through the instruction and guidance of their fellow peers. Although Del presents an abundance of sports and clubs and extra help in tutorials, one thing I wo... View full review

"The academic standards at De La Salle are high, developing skilled and competent students, and the work is difficult, though not too hard to make it unenjoyable or overbearing for the average student."

David De Martin - Student   (Mar 08, 2021)

I have greatly enjoyed my experience at De La Salle; from the sense of community to the rigorous academic standards, my years at the school have helped me to develop as a person of character, resilience, and competence. Though the high-school journey at De La Salle has challenged me, testing my time-management, organization, knowledge, character, and perseverance, it is this struggle that has made me stronger. When I entered the school in ninth grade, I was shy and unsure, lacking a vision of w... View full review

"Academics are a cornerstone of life at De La Salle and present an opportunity for collaboration rather than competition for students."

Emma De Tommaso - Alumnus   (Mar 08, 2021)

I am tremendously grateful that I was able to spend my most formative years at De La Salle College. The phrase “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” surrounds students during their time at De La Salle and this could not be more appropriate. Here, I was able to grow from an academic standpoint, but I also learned how to be an honourable citizen in society. I explored my academic passions in a setting that always encouraged me to dive deeper, and I embraced my other interests through the school’s... View full review

"We found the teaching staff to be very accessible to discuss progress or problems at any point through the school year."

Jerry Nolfi - Parent   (Feb 28, 2019)

We wholeheartedly feel that the traditional academic teaching style, the extracurricular involvement, the opportunities for leadership and community engagement combined with strong faith component has given our daughter a solid foundation to the next steps in her life. The lifelong healthy habits of De La Salle College will serve her well as she sets goals faces challenges and celebrates milestones in her future. The students feel that they have entered a new family at Del. One of the most spe... View full review

"I know I am prepared to face future challenges due to a strong educational background, priceless lessons in character and virtue, and the strength of a caring and loving community."

Adam Abdulhamid - Student   (Feb 21, 2019)

My experience at De La Salle College has been life-changing, and I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the school. The caring, vibrant community has shaped me from a quiet young boy into a confident young man, instilling onto me the values of hard work and respect, and providing me with the ideal academic and social environment to build character and become educated. The perfect way to capture my experience is captured in our school motto, “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serv... View full review

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