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Grades Nursery/Toddler TO 6 — Scarborough, ON (Map)

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In Maria Montessori’s day, the most obviously remarkable thing about her approach to education was how she chose to adapt the learning space. It was open, diverse, organized yet amorphous, with common areas that weren’t dedicated to any specific learning task. That was revolutionary both for what it was, as for the way it positioned the learner. Montessori wanted to build from a child’s curiosity and engagement with the world, and her learning spaces were organized with that in mind. In kind, those are the ideals that Enquiring Minds expresses so well. To have that kind of conceptual space you need physical space—space to move around in, to move through—and the openness and extent of the EM environment is one of its great assets. Likewise, there is an attention to ranging across the curriculum, rather than siloing each separate from the others; the arts program isn’t ancillary to the other curricular areas, for example, but instead is a foundational aspect of learning across them. The attention to values—respect for the space as well as those within it—is also a primary draw for the families who enroll. The ideal student is one able to thrive in a diverse, hands-on, and challenging yet supportive social and academic environment.  

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