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Gain exclusive insight into life at GlenOak Academy from our carefully curated video and written reviews that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on GlenOak Academy

One of the greatest things you can ever hear an educator say is this: “We’re all here together. To help one another. That’s what it’s about.” That’s a quote from Susan Goode, principal and founder of GlenOak Academy. She was speaking about the range of learning exceptionalities that students have, from those who are currently achieving below grade level, those above, and those in between. If there is a core concept to the GlenOak program, it’s precisely that: kids learn differently, at different rates, and the reasons are as varied and as personal as the students themselves. Here, they all participate together, in small class settings, with instructors adapting to meet the needs of each student. It’s less about IEPs, and more just about that all children need support, and that learning begins when they are able to feel good about themselves, their abilities, and the relationships they share with others within the learning environment. It’s true that many students—not all—arrive here having felt at sea elsewhere, having exhausted other options, and looking for a solution. Parents regularly report on the welcoming nature of the environment, and appreciate a close, casual relationship with the administration. The programs are inclusive, and build learning and interpersonal skills along with a mastery of the curriculum. There are part-time and full-time options, and staff is positioned to work closely with families to make sure that all needs are being met. For many, if not all, the experience of GlenOak is transformational, helping learners achieve in ways that they were unable to in other academic settings.  

Video reviews

Get crucial behind-the-scenes information about GlenOak Academy from video interviews with probing questions that we recorded live with parents, current students, and recent alumni.

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Parent, Melissa Browning (2021)

Watch our parent interview with Melissa Browning to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend GlenOak Academy.

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Written reviews

Dive deeply into the real culture of GlenOak Academy with reviews we’ve structured to highlight only the most valuable insights and opinions submitted by parents, students, and alumni.

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Parent, Ali Aoun (2021)

My 6 yr old son loves his teachers. He also really enjoys and thrives in the small class size w...

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Parent, Christina Tang (2021)

My son, who has special needs transitioned from preschool into JK at GlenOak Academy. His expe...

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Parent, Melissa Scott (2021)

When our child entered GlenOak in Grade 4, he was very apprehensive and nervous about changing ...

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Parent, Christine Bizjak (2021)

I can't say enough great aspects of GlenOak Academy. My kids loves that the school class sizes...

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Parent, Melissa Browning (2021)

At GlenOak, the academic programming can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of eac...

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Parent, Liselle Ramcharan (2021)

My children like Art and Craft, and are always excited to see what they will have to create bas...

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Parent, Silu Modi (2021)

My daughter absolutely loves GlenOak. She’s probably one of the only kids I know who’s genu...

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