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Topic: Academics

robert gabor - Parent   (Sep 12, 2018)

We have been quite impressed with our daughter's breadth and depth of knowledge of the subjects she has taken at Havergal, and find her understanding of the curriculum to be a testament to the effectiveness of the teaching methods used at the school. Havergal has provided a challenging curriculum over a wide range of subjects for our daughter. Through her various courses, she has been able to explore her interests in numerous areas including languages, technology, science, humanities, and the arts. Having to complete culminating projects and final exams from Grade 7 on has helped our daughter develop important study habits and taught her how to handle performance pressure at a young age, skills which we think will be invaluable to her throughout her academic life. We are confident that the academic program offered by the school is preparing her well for her post secondary education and her eventual career path.

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Robyn Spector - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

With one Havergal "Old Girl" entering her fourth year of University and another graduating Havergal this year, I whole heartedly believe they are well-prepared for their next steps. The workload is heavy at times but manageable. Learning time management has been critical. The school has done a lot of investigation into how to maximize the success of teenage girls and have been very cutting edge on many levels - providing late starts on Wednesdays, encouraging girls to speak up and speak out at Prayers three times a week, structuring House and TA so that girls can connect with smaller groups of teachers and students and feel successful and emotionally safe in a school with rigorous academics. I feel that everything Havergal does is very purposeful; always considering their students needs first.

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Ruth Ley - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

The academic program at Havergal soundly prepares our girls for life's next steps. My daughter is only in grade 8 but what I can see so far is that she is fully prepared and confident for each year that is ahead of her. The academics are quite rigorous at Havergal, however the faculty works with each girl to make sure they can handle the stress of academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. They council the girls to not take on more than they can handle. Most girls want to participate in several clubs and sports but Havergal, strongly recommends one athletic club at a time so that girls can have a well balance school year. The school also gives several talks to the parents on how to help their daughters manage school life balance which is quite helpful.

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Dana Rippon - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

We have been very pleased with the academics at Havergal. Our daughter is engaged in her learning. She is appropriately challenged and seems motivated to do her best. I feel that the culture at Havergal is a positive one, girls are encouraged to work hard and put in good effort, but they are also encouraged to be well-rounded, and become involved in things in addition to focusing on their academics. The foundations my daughter received in her learning and academics in the Junior School has well-prepared her for Middle School, and she made a seamless transition. I was also very impressed with the school's approach to take time for training in the girls Grade 7 year, as they transition to Middle School with greater independence and responsibility. I feel that the girls have learned great life skills including organization, time management, self-care and well-being skills, and she will be very well prepared to manage whatever comes her way in the future.

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Alnar Meghji - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

Havergal has produced very successful alumni for over a hundred years. This success comes from strong core values it instills in its students. Havergal values hard work and helps prepare each girl for life “beyond the Ivy Walls.” It has a strong academic program that promotes camaraderie and healthy competition among peers. Havergal wants each girl to succeed and provides learning support when needed. The academic program intensifies as the years progress, however a philosophy of a balanced life is simultaneously emphasized. The girls are taught to mange their time accordingly, not only to complete academic requirements, but to participate in a variety of extracurricular and sporting activities. This balance produces a “whole girl” with physical and emotional wellness. With this realization of a balanced life, the student will achieve academic success.

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