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Reviews of Havergal College

Toronto, ON  |  Grades JK - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Overall Experience

Alnar Meghji - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

Our daughter’s experience at Havergal has been extremely rewarding. She started at the school in JK and is currently almost finished grade 2. My husband and I had researched same-sex independent schools for our children and Havergal felt like the best fit for our daughter and our family. We had high expectations for the school and weren’t really sure if these expectations were realistic. In a nutshell, the school has surpassed any and all expectations we had and has delivered a caliber of education that every parent wishes for their child. Our daughter is very happy and excited to go to school each day and beams when she talks about her day at pick up. The connections she has with her teachers, administrators and staff is something she immensely appreciates. She is greeted every morning by name and with warm, caring smiles. She has developed trusting relationships with her teachers and knows they are there to help her reach her full potential. She is happy and thriving, which is all we can ask for.

Ruth Ley - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

My daughter loves attending Havergal and each year gets better for her! She looks forward to each and every day. She loves her friends, the clubs, programs and most important the faculty and staff at Havergal and the support they give her. She loves that the VP of the school is her baseball coach and that she can sit next to him on on a 2 hour bus ride and have a fun and engaging conversation. She loves that her PE teacher tells her jokes and she can joke back, she loves that she can go to her guidance councillor and ask about anything, she loves going to her math teacher to get extra help and get chocolate out of his candy bowl, she is so grateful that the people in the food service department will spend hours going through garbage to look for her retainer. These types of stories come in daily from my daughter. There is no question that the academics and athletic programs at Havergal are very strong but it is these types of special moments and acts of kindness from the faculty and staff that make Havergal stand out above all the other schools. Havergal prioritizes the wellbeing of the girls and the teacher and faculty play a huge part in laying a solid foundation for self-esteem and confidence in the girls.

Dana Rippon - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

My daughter loves being a student at Havergal College. She really enjoys all of her classes and and speaks so positively of her teachers, and I believe that the enthusiasm all of her teachers' share have my daughter engaged and excited in what she is learning. She also loves all of the different clubs, athletics and opportunities that Havergal has to offer. The school encourages the girls to become involved in activities at school outside of academics, and they have the opportunity to become very well rounded and explore many different interests. The school spirit at Havergal is probably what my daughter loves most of all. It is a very warm, caring and fun environment -- a place to nurture strong self-confidence, curiosity, awareness and empathy, all the while enjoying her experience at school!

Robyn Spector - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

There is a special atmosphere at Havergal College; a supportive, nurturing and encouraging place where girls feel comfortable trying new things, making mistakes, branching out socially and expressing their views. There is no judgment - girls are celebrated for their thoughts, and diversity of opinions and values. Both of my girls have felt very supported by their teachers who were always willing to go above and beyond. They were honest in their assessments and evaluations and always guided the students on how to improve and were always advocates and cheerleaders for their success. When they struggled with something academically they always knew they could seek out support from their teachers. When they needed advice about college or anything pertaining to their futures, they felt very supported by guidance.

robert gabor - Parent   (Sep 12, 2018)

Our daughter has had a wonderful time in her three years at Havergal, and is very excited about completing her secondary school years there. Since entering the school in Grade 7, our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the friendships she has developed at Havergal, the incredible extra curricular opportunities offered by the school, the challenging curriculum, and the amazing facilities available to the students. The school has harnessed many of our daughter's positive traits and stimulated her growth and development, not just academically, but socially, emotionally, and physically. Through an atmosphere of challenge, exploration and inclusion, Havergal has allowed our daughter to discover and hone skills and talents she likely wasn't even aware she possessed prior to joining the school. For our daughter, Havergal has been much more than just a place to learn curriculum, it has been an experience that will serve her well in virtually all facets of her adult life.

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