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Topic: School Life

robert gabor - Parent   (Sep 12, 2018)

Our daughter's overall experience at Havergal has been excellent. She is enthusiastic about attending school virtually every day, as there always seems to be something there to look forward to. She has met many great people at the school, and has been enriched in numerous ways by her time at Havergal. Our daughter shares with us many of her experiences from school, and we can tell from the effusiveness with which she describes her daily activities, that she clearly is taking full advantage of all the school has to offer, and enjoying her time there very much. If there was one improvement to school life I could suggest, it would be to address what appears to be a lack of intramural or non competitive extracurricular opportunities at the school. I feel with the house system in place at the school, there could be more organized games or team sports played between houses.

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Robyn Spector - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

My girls have both loved their Havergal experience on all levels for all the years they attended. They actually loved waking up to go to school on most days. They have learned from the very best teachers, and they have broadened both their academic and social horizons. I know with certainty that they will reflect very positively and fondly on their Havergal days. Personally, I feel that my best decision so far has been to send my children to Havergal College. The girls all seem to be very happy - they seem to feel very safe in a structured yet flexible place that allows them to grow, to learn, to try new things, to make mistakes and to push themselves to become their very best selves.

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Dana Rippon - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

My daughter loves being a student at Havergal College, she could not imagine being as happy anywhere else. We are delighted that she appears to be thriving at school and at Havergal. She is keen to try new things, embrace new opportunities and she is happily engaged in her learning and classes, connected with her teachers and motivated to do well. She has met and developed wonderful friendships with other girls at Havergal - really nice girls, who she has a lot of fun with both at school and outside of school. Havergal College is a warm, caring environment, there are high expectations, but my daughter does not feel pressure. She is motivated to do well and also very much supported by the school to succeed.

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Ruth Ley - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

It is clear that Havergal prioritizes a positive and healthy school life for the girls. They put a lot of work into the well being of all their girls - from programs, talks at prayers, staff ie. social workers, physio therapists, councillors - from the nurturing and caring faculty, senior leadership team all the way down to training the parents. It is all about the wellbeing of the girls and a positive student life. My daughter loves attending school because of the many examples given in the first question. The school has a positive and happy buzz to it. Starting from the early morning with the security guard waving and smiling at the girls, to the faculty and staff knowing all the girls names, heads of schools coaching teams and engaging with the girls. All these things make the girls feel special and important and sets a strong foundation for a positive school life for the girls at Havergal College.

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Alnar Meghji - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

School life at Havergal runs like a well oiled machine. The school is celebrating 125 years, which has provided them with over a century of great leadership and experience from which to formulate protocols and guidelines that are known to be effective. Adaptability is key to a changing world. Although Havergal is a school with many traditions, it also prides itself on changing with the times for the betterment of the school and its community. Advancements in technology are reflected in the curriculum as is the continuous evaluation by the leadership team on helping each student reach their potential. A well renowned mathematics coordinator was brought on board recently to help advance the girls’ understanding of math concepts. In addition, a literacy coordinator also provides guidance and direction in literacy to both the teachers and students. The athletics department is amazing at providing many opportunities for the girls to participate in sporting activities both for fun and as competitive sports. There is a balance that is always emphasized between academics, extracurriculars and athletics, This is a healthy philosophy that contributes to overall wellness.

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