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REVIEW OF Hawthorn School BY student, Adriana Alfaro

  • Date of Review
    January 11, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(4) Student Experience

Hawthorn is a good school. The students are inclusive and the teachers are great at teaching. The only thing I wish I could maybe change is the school gym. It would be nicer if the ceiling was just a little higher and the gym space a little wider. When playing sports like volleyball the ball hits the ceiling very often, but I'm sure if the team was to go play a tournament at another school, the ball would go over the net. What I like about this school is the fact that the structure of the school is small. It fits all the students who come to Hawthorn perfectly. The study space, the atrium, the hallways, the lunchroom, and the classrooms all have roomy layouts.

(4.5) School Leadership

The teachers have great teaching styles that are clear and concise. They always make sure their students understand the concepts by explaining as many times as needed. They are also open to questions, during class or after class, and don't condemn you for asking them. Hawthorn teachers are there to talk to students when they need to, and they are understanding and giving. I like the teachers at Hawthorn because they are great at what they teach due to all their knowledge of that subject.

(3.5) Teaching

I think the teachers ask enough of us. But in some cases, they do ask a lot of us. It can get stressful, but that teaches us time management so our work doesn't pile up on us. Although the workload may be a lot sometimes, it is always for the better. It’s a great feeling of relief to get the work you were assigned completed and off your chest. The work we receive shows us how to balance separate tasks in school and outside of school. This prepares us for university and when we will have more on our plate in the future. I think that when teachers talk about success, they imagine their students to be happy and ambitious in the career path they choose.

(4) Academics

I think the work is just right and manageable. I'm sure the work we do now will be useful later on in our lives. It will help our brains run and help us think deeper. All this thinking will pay off in the future because it can help us stay focused, build problem-solving skills, and increase our mental productivity. It also depends on the person as well. French can be hard for some people, while easy for others. In some subjects, the work is challenging, while the other is much simpler to do. Even when we don't want to work we still have to fight laziness to complete our assignments, no matter how hard the tasks are. It will all pay off in the end.

(3.5) Extracurriculars

I participate in play club and I am part of the volleyball team. I think the school offers great clubs led by great students. Everyone can choose what extracurricular activity they can join. They are able to pick anything they wish to join. If anyone wants to create a club, they are free to do so with the approval of a teacher. The clubs are engaging and build teamwork, because you get to work together with other students/classmates.

(4) Students

This school feels like a small town. We all know each other from the youngest grade to the oldest (Lower School - Upper School). We wave at each other in the hall and it is pleasant to do so. The older and younger students also come together and participate in fun activities on special occasions. The most determined and hardworking students do best in school. They finish their work ahead of time, manage their time effectively, and listen and take notes attentively in class. They do their assignments whenever they get a chance to and don't procrastinate. The students at Hawthorn are inclusive of their peers. They are respectful and, they don't leave you out of group activities. It's nice to know you are part of a group that includes you.

(3.5) School Life

If I were giving a tour around Hawthorn, I would show the visitors the learning center. It's a great place because that is where everyone goes to do homework as well as study hall, which are free periods of work. It is a library with several books, along with monitors, and office chairs so students can complete pending assignments. It's a large place that is very often full of students. It's a wide area that is clearly visible even if it were not the first location of the tour. It's located in the hallway beside most of the Upper School classes. I think it's the most student-populated area in the building. When the learning center is quiet, it's nice to get work done with no distractions.

(4) Community

Hawthorn is an engaging community where everyone is appreciated. Students and families are engaged in activities that build Hawthorn as a community. It’s a nice school that teaches students interesting subjects along with great virtues. I believe everyone at school is included and appreciated. No matter our differences, we treat each other equally and with respect. It is a very inclusive environment full of students who accept each other. Hawthorn is a more kindhearted environment than a home. The people there are very kind and inclusive, especially to new families. The school makes new families feel welcome, and it's due to the friendliness of the staff and teachers. Families who have been loyal to Hawthorn also help in making these new families feel accepted.

(4) School Location

Throughout the course of the day, students stay at school. On Fridays, students may go out (to a nearby plaza) if they choose to. The school is also located near a belt line leading to a field. For gym class in the spring, the teacher would take us outside to do Physical Education there at the field after the belt line.

(4.5) Admissions

The admissions process went very well. Filling out the papers took time, but in the end, it was all for the best. The teachers and admin were very kind and welcoming. Knowing I was going to a new school made it a little nerve-wracking, but after visiting the school and meeting the teachers, it got exciting. I felt joy in my heart and knew I was supposed to be there at that particular moment in my life. I know now that this school makes its students work hard, and that it includes parents and students in engaging events. The workload helps us juggle our daily tasks, both now and in the future. The events at Hawthorn create a community environment that is nice for all.


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