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Grades Nursery/Toddler TO Gr. 12 — Toronto, ON (MAP)

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  • Grades
    Nursery/Toddler — Gr. 12
  • Gender
    All girls, Coed
  • Class Size
    8 — 15 students
  • Tuition
    $17,000 to 40,000/year
  • Language of instruction
    English, French
  • Associations
    CIS Ontario
  • Enrolment
    0 homestay students, 140 day students
  • Curriculum
    Liberal Arts
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School address

  • 101 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2R2 (MAP)
  • Busing not available

Our Perspective

How we see Hawthorn School

As the only all-girls' Catholic independent school in Toronto, Hawthorn provides a unique and very specific program, one that focusses on the needs of girls while providing instruction through a Catholic lens. It was founded relatively recently—it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014—through the instigation of a group of parents who wanted the kind of academic specificity that the school continues to promote today. And, truly, there's no other school like it: girls are challenged to pursue passions in the full range of academic pursuit, STEM primary among them. Character, too, is a primary focus, including an expression of self. The ideal student is one who thrives within a supportive yet academically challenging environment.

School's Perspective

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How Hawthorn School sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Hawthorn is proud to be the only independent, Catholic-inspired, all-girls school in Toronto. Our tailored size facilitates a personalized and enriching experience, where each girl is known and flourishes in every aspect of school life. With a 100% university acceptance rate, Hawthorn provides a classical liberal arts education focusing on cultural literacy, critical thinking, and growth in virtue through our character education program. Hawthorn graduates live the school’s mission by "living the truth in charity.""

  • Pursuit of excellence in education
  • Classical liberal arts curriculum
  • Catholic education
  • Broad extra-curricular program
  • Leadership though service
  • Caring, supportive environment
  • Mentoring program
  • Small class size
  • Partnership with parents
  • University preparatory

What do you do differently and uniquely well?

"Our goal is to make a difference in each girl’s life and we take that to heart. Although what the Hawthorn Difference will mean for each girl will depend on their individual needs and goals, the way it is delivered is set upon a common foundation of five key pillars: Pursuit of Excellence in Education, Personal Mentorship, Partnership with Parents, Leadership through Service, and All Girls Advantage."

To your knowledge, why do families choose your school over others?

"Hawthorn’s all girls environment, small class sizes, and one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in the country, provides a unique kind of student-by-student learning that is proven to differentially prepare students for reaching and succeeding in the next phase of their learning-and beyond. We respect the shared goals of our students and their families. We pride ourselves not only on preparing the girls for a postsecondary education, but also on helping them to succeed in their life’s path."

What aspect of your school is underappreciated?

"We respect the shared goals of our students and their families. We pride ourselves not only on preparing the girls for a postsecondary education, with a 100% university acceptance rate, but also on helping them to succeed in their life’s path – no matter what it may be. Our curriculum provides cultural literacy, critical reasoning skills, and aid in the growth of virtue, in a smaller school environment that allows teachers and mentors to know every girl, their personal interests and abilities."

What might families find surprising about your school?

"One of the ways that we keep making a difference is by listening and changing, but not only the requirements of an increasingly competitive and complex world – but by listening to and working together with parents. Hawthorn was founded upon the principal belief that parents are the primary educators of their children, and our commitment to educate together in partnership with them, is part of what continues to make Hawthorn different."

School Facilities

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Instructional resources

Shared spaces

School Videos

Insider Perspectives

How people from the school’s community see Hawthorn School

Video reviews of Hawthorn School

Parent, Amy & Peter McCrea (2021)

Watch our parent interview with Amy & Peter McCrea to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Hawthorn School.

Roundtable Q&A (2020)

Watch our Hawthorn School Q&A discussion with Gwen (Alum), Marnee (Parent), Steve (Parent), Liz (Parent) to gain fresh insight into the school’s culture, values, and strengths.

Alum, Jane Zuchelkowski (2020)

Watch our alum interview with Jane Zuchelkowski to learn about the unique experience of attending Hawthorn School.

Written reviews of Hawthorn School


Parent, Yineska Saavedra (2023)

Gr. 7 (current) — Hawthorn School has provided an environment for my daughter to blossom and for us to be part of a co...


Student, Adriana Alfaro (2023)

Gr. 10 (current) — Hawthorn is a good school. The students are inclusive and the teachers are great at teaching. The on...


Student, Ximena Saishio (2022)

Nursery/Toddler (current) — Hawthorn School is wonderful. My two favorite things about Hawthorn are the teachers and the environ...

School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Interview with school leader

Watch our Hawthorn School leadership interview with Irian Flores to learn about the academics, culture, and values of the school.
Watch the interview

Message from school leadership

Irian Flores de Medina, Head of School

Welcome to the Hawthorn School profile and thank you for your interest in our school!

As many of you are aware, halfway through the 2019-2020 school year, the education system faced an unusual challenge. Schools were forced to move from conventional in-class learning to exclusively virtual classrooms almost overnight. At Hawthorn, we are pleased to say that we were able to get our online classes up and running with almost no delay, due to the adaptability and dedication of our faculty and staff. All the way from the children in the Daycare to the Upper School students, adapted to the needs and capacities of the different age groups, we were able to provide both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Despite the challenges, teachers were able to address all aspects of the curriculum. 

Even as the school year was finishing we were preparing for the possible scenarios we would face in the fall.  We are so grateful for each of our families - including our students, our faculty, and our staff, who came together in these past months and who make Hawthorn an exceptional place to learn, to teach, and to work! In the past months and weeks, we’ve come a long way and many people have worked hard to make it possible for us to start our school year with full time in-person instruction, five days a week, knowing that we have done everything possible to ensure the safety of our staff and students.

Thank you parents for considering entrusting us with the education of your daughters. We know that you have many options, especially this year, and we are grateful for your interest in choosing a Hawthorn education for them. We continue to remain dedicated to our mission and parents are a key part of what we do here. There are many things that have changed this year due to our current situation, from the extra sanitization of our school to the additional screening procedures. At the same time, much remains the same - we are committed to communicating with parents and to helping them raise their daughters to be women of integrity and faith, the leaders of tomorrow.

We are so happy to see our students back at school and in person. Though the past few months have been challenging at times we are very proud of how they have risen above the difficulties and not let the situation prevent them from continuing to learn and grow. One thing that we can say for sure is that this year will still not be business as usual, to know that they need look no further than the plexiglass sneeze guards on the desks and the masked faces that are around the school. These measures are for the safety of everyone and allow us to return to in person learning. It sometimes seems like a lot, the things that we need to do and the many things that are not possible. One thing that we want all our students and prospective students to know is that at Hawthorn, they are never alone in their struggles. Here they are surrounded by people - friends, parents, teachers, and mentors - that they can rely on every step of the way.  

At Hawthorn we have an amazing group of dedicated people, including support staff and teachers. It is a great joy and privilege to work with them every day. Our faculty have time and time again shown how dedicated they are to their students, not only their academic learning but also their character development and emotional well-being. They have truly risen to the occasion and accepted the challenge of teaching in these new circumstances. We are very grateful to them for all that they do!

This year is going to be an amazing and memorable one because we know that everyone will be working together, following the guidelines and helping us with our goal of keeping the school open. The way that we will accomplish this goal is by paying attention to all the small details and doing our work well and with love. 

To those that are interested in a Hawthorn education, we would be delighted to welcome you into our family! Our admissions director, Rhonda Wood, would be happy to speak with you and guide you through the process of applying to Hawthorn. Please contact her at 416-444-3054 or by email at [email protected].

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