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Holy Name of Mary College School:

Leadership interview with Carrie Hughes-Grant, Holy Name of Mary College School

  • Name
    Carrie Hughes-Grant
  • Title
    Head of School

Ms. Carrie Hughes-Grant, Head of Holy Name of Mary College School, described the institution as a nurturing ground that is centered around the core values of justice, compassion, and transformation. Since assuming her role in 2019, she has championed student-centered learning and facilitated a collaborative environment involving parents, faculty, and board members. Hughes-Grant is dedicated to constantly enhancing the educational experience, encouraging students to develop diverse skills, and fostering confidence and community engagement.

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Highlights from the interview

  • Our school is known for its strong core values—justice, compassion, respect, and transformation. Both our staff and students embody these principles, wholeheartedly. We strive to encourage our girls to use their voice boldly, nurturing them into compassionate, strong leaders. Our goal is to guide them to a point where they have profound self-belief. 

  • Our unique programs, like the robotics team, offer the girls a platform to learn collaboration and transformation. They learn to become a part of something larger than themselves.

  • Our school is often described as a sisterhood by the graduating class, it nurtures students into becoming strong women. Since starting at the school in 2019, I have witnessed this empowering environment firsthand, which challenges girls to be curious and explore their boundaries. 

  • The vibrant culture and close-knit community involving parents and faculty form a vital part of our identity. We facilitate various communication channels to keep parents abreast of school events and happenings, fostering a supportive atmosphere for everyone.

  • I love the community at the school, and I cherish the opportunities to grow the strategic direction of the school with my leadership team. ​​I love working with the students and the teachers. I first joined the school in August of 2019. We initiated committees with board members, students, parents, alumni, and others interested in the well-being of the school. We realized the importance of focusing on the girl at the center of our strategy. Over the last few years, we've embraced student-centered learning and individualization to make HNMCS the best possible school.

  • My goal is always to improve the school a little bit more with each passing day, even if it means extending board meetings into the night or managing tasks over the weekends. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities as the head of the school. A typical day includes greeting students, checking emails, meeting with various departments like advancement, enrollment, and the business office, setting agendas, discussing vital school matters, conversing with the chaplain, and welcoming new students. 

  • The students can engage in numerous activities, international trips and outdoor educational experiences, to really explore who they are as people, who they are as friends, and who they are in a community larger than themselves. We maintain a daily schedule that combines academic classes with co-curricular activities, enabling students to explore various interests and develop diverse skills. This year, we implemented a mandatory lunch program to boost community engagement across different grades.

  • As the head of the school, my role involves closely working with the staff to aid in their professional growth. Whether they envision a long-term future with us or seek other opportunities, I aim to assist them in realizing the best versions of themselves and finding their rightful place in the world.

  • We encourage open dialogue and restorative conversations in conflict situations, guiding students to take responsibility and prevent similar future issues. We actively engage in community events, including International Women's Day festivities, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment in every student by the time they graduate.

  • We have fostered a positive relationship with the city of Mississauga, participating actively in community events and forming a significant aspect of the independent school system in the city. We pride ourselves on our role and continually strive to meet our students' and their families' needs and expectations, functioning as a central hub for activities and learning.

  • Our school is situated in a residential neighborhood with limited accessibility without a car, which encourages students to immerse themselves fully in daily school activities. 

  • We welcome many students to our school for different reasons. Some join for the small, personalized settings and the moral-based curriculum we offer. Some join for specific programs like robotics, choir, or athletics, confident in receiving a good education and developing into well-rounded young women. 

  • Our priority is to understand the students’ needs and aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling experience that motivates them to contribute to the community in the future. 


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