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J. Addison School

"The students of J. Addison School come from all over the world."

Zaimuran Tuerhong - Student   (Aug 29, 2022)

I am a 9th-grade student at J Addison School and I was originally born in Beijing, China. In 2021, I came to J. Addison School as an international boarding student and I have been at the school for almost a year. Within my first year at the school, I felt an immense sense of care from dormitory staff, teachers and school administration. The environment of J. Addison School is extremely clean and very tidy. I must acknowledge that the cleaning staff does a great job ensuring that my living envir... View full review

"The students at J. Addison School are friendly, kind and nice. "

Steven Guo - Student   (Aug 29, 2022)

From my perception, I think J. Addison school is indisputably the most outstanding private school in Toronto among other schools I’ve been to. The experience I had here at J. Addison will forever leave a lasting impression on my mind. I love mostly everything about J. Addison school, though there were some things that didn’t go well for me regarding my personal conduct, however, I am extremely grateful for the care and support provided by the faculty and staff. For the people who are plannin... View full review

"The faculty always asks for students' feedback on ways that they can improve or to ensure student understanding."

Daryn Lai - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

Based on my personal experience, I would consider the school like a second home for me. In addition, there are over 300 day and boarding students from various countries, including Canada. The school offers a friendly atmosphere that can be describe as a small multi-cultural community. If there is one thing that I would improve about my student experience at J. Addison School is the opportunity to meet other students from different grade levels during the school day as the current pandemic has sl... View full review

"I feel confident to express myself as an international student at J. Addison School as well as supported by my teachers and friends."

Sophie Nguyen - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

My experience at J. Addison School has truly been good. My grade 8 teacher, Ms. Perry is an outstanding educator that is extremely helpful. She makes learning fun by giving us engaging assignments and offers opportunities for us to relax. Our classrooms are clean, well-organized and offers the ability for students to connect to the school's "Wi-Fi" network. The interior design of the classroom is quite interesting that makes an exciting learning environment. The school's cafeteria is also beau... View full review

"...some of the courses at J. Addison School foster an independent study that prepare students for post-secondary life."

Sohaila Mohammed - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

At J. Addison School, the student population and staff are made up of various nationalities, which I love! Being an international student from Egypt, I thought this aspect was truly important, as I felt a sense of belonging. The school leadership and management is truly cooperative as well. I feel like I can visit the principal at any time throughout the day to have a conversation with him about any issue that I may have. Finally, I love the school policies to ensure the safety and well-being of... View full review

"What I like about my interactions with the teachers is the fact that they provide materials that cater to your language ability to help you understand the information."

Natalija Sekulovska - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

I am a student from Europe that is currently attending J. Addison School, who never had a study abroad experience until now. Before my arrival at J. Addison School, I felt a sense of ease because the staff and principal explained everything to me about the school, expectations and transitioning to boarding life. What I like about the school is the fact that the school is multicultural, which gives me the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures. In addition, the students are very po... View full review

"Personally, I love the atmosphere of the school and the dorm, as it provides a warm and welcoming feeling as a boarding student."

Zhi Ye Cao - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

My student experience at J. Addison School has been wonderful. Personally, I love the atmosphere of the school and the dorm, as it provides a warm and welcoming feeling as a boarding student. In addition, I love the faculty and dorm staff as they are extremely helpful and kind. Moreover, the location of the school is not remote, as there are shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, medical and dental clinics that are all situated around the school. Furthermore, I feel safe attending the sch... View full review

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J. Addison School Reviews

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