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Markham, ON  |  Grades PS - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Academics

Natalija Sekulovska - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

The academics at J. Addison School is challenging which can be tiring sometimes based on your personal motivation, but the information that is provided prepares you for post-secondary life. In addition, I would have to say for some it may be hard and for others, it may be easy, it depends on the individual. However, for me personally, the teachers offer a wide range of assistance in understanding the content information as well as homework support and peer tutoring. I believe that what I am learning is useful as I am a grade 12 student who feels really prepared for university, based on the level of knowledge that I've received at J. Addison School for university. Moreover, I've learned how to become an independent person while studying at J. Addison School as being an international student living abroad.

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Zhi Ye Cao - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

The academics at J. Addison School is rigorous, fun, engaging and definitely challenging. From my personal standpoint, in order to have a positive academic experience at J. Addison School, the student must display a level of discipline or personal motivation towards the subject area. The climate of the school concerning academics can somewhat motivate you to work hard as every student has a mission to graduate with good grades. Moreover, the students are extremely nice and they offer assistance if you don't understand a certain subject area. In my opinion, I feel that there is a level of difficulty based on the individual. Nevertheless, there is an academic support program that is provided for every student to help them to succeed in their classes. Furthermore, the information we study or learn at J. Addison School does prepare us for the future, as each student has their own mindsight of which post-secondary institution that they wish to attend and their secondary school course expectations for admission.

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Daryn Lai - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

In my opinion, the academics at the school is quite easy for me. Nevertheless, I find great joy in learning the content area. I truly believe the knowledge that I am gaining at J. Addison School is preparation for post-secondary life. In addition, I believe it will also help me to succeed in my personal life through time management as well as critical thinking. The lessons that I have been taught at J. Addison School is not solely based on academics, but the understanding that academics and personal success is an on-going process that doesn't happen overnight! Moreover, we must have patience, a mature mindset and the ability to work towards our dreams, which are essential for our future. Finally, this on-going process requires a balance.

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Sophie Nguyen - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

The academics at J. Addison School for myself, is fairly easy. As I prepare for high school at J. Addison, I would have to agree that the knowledge that I am receiving from my teacher will help me to succeed in Grade 9. I feel as though, the academics is fun, engaging, creative and interesting. One of my favorite subjects is "Math". The reason why I stated "Math" is because the way how Ms. Perry teaches the subject makes me understand the content so easily. In addition, this will help me to pursue a career in "Art", where I have to calculate the dimensions of my drawings. Moreover, I also love the way she teaches "Art" as well, because she exhibits a level of passion that inspires me to design within my art work.

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Sohaila Mohammed - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

To be honest, each individual student is unique. Personally, the school work can be difficult at various times because it requires us to be more independent as well as accountable to complete the coursework within a specified timeframe. In addition, the incorporation of technology poses a challenge for me. Additionally, having presentations within the courses is also a provocation, as some students like myself can be extremely shy or lack the self-confidence to speak in front of a small or large group. Nevertheless, I still feel supported from the faculty and never feel pressured by them to be perfect. I feel that the skills that I have learned at J. Addison School thus far, will be useful, especially in university as it will help me to improve my self-confidence when meeting new people or having to conduct a presentation in university or in my career.

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