Reviews of J. Addison School

Markham, ON  |  Grades PS - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Leadership

Natalija Sekulovska - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

Yes, I respect the school leadership team, especially the dorm team. They really make sure that we are safe. They are very respectful, no matter your culture and religion. In addition, the school administration as well. In my opinion, the principal is warm and welcoming and he makes sure that we are on time for class and wear your uniform. In addition, he makes sure that the school safe for all who attend. Moreover, the Dean of Discipline, ensures that students as well as staff complete the Covid-19 surveys prior to entering the school. Equally as important, he has an open-door policy where we can communicate with him at any time to discuss any personal matter.

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Zhi Ye Cao - Student   (Mar 09, 2021)

The school leadership at J. Addison is quite diverse as the school has a Principal, Dean of Discipline, and a Residence Supervisor. Each of their responsibility is unique, which hinges on students' success. The principal can be described as a "warm, kind, considerate and friendly" individual, who provides an "open door" policy for all students to express their concerns. The "Dean of Discipline" ensures that all students follow the school rules and provides academic support. Finally, the Residence Supervisor works with the Principal and Dean of Discipline in providing a holistic care approach for each boarding student.

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Daryn Lai - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

From my personal experience, the school administration's relationship with students is respectful because they are able to speak to the students in a "comfortable" manner that puts them at ease. As a boarding student at J. Addison School, the current dorm team is providing a positive experience for myself as well as other boarding students through a means of counseling and additional support which helps us to improve our personal and character development. Finally, the guidance counsellors are also helpful!

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Sophie Nguyen - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

To be honest, I would have to say that school leaders, guidance counsellors, teachers and dorm team are really nice and I would not change anything about the way how they treat students like myself. I feel that there is a level of respect between them and the students. Every morning, they greet us with smiles on their faces and they make the effort to communicate with the students on a personal level to ensure that their well-being is positive.

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Sohaila Mohammed - Student   (Mar 17, 2021)

I believe that the school management puts the well-being of the students and staff as a top priority. During the current covid-19 pandemic, the school leadership team provided online classes for students who wish to return home for their personal well-being. In addition, they updated their policies/academic schedules to ensure the best health and safety practices for the school community by equipping us with masks, hand sanitizers, reducing large social gatherings and ongoing communication of any changes that were being implemented at the school.

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