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REVIEW OF J. Addison School BY student, Natalija Sekulovska

  • Date of Review
    March 09, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 12 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

I am a student from Europe that is currently attending J. Addison School, who never had a study abroad experience until now. Before my arrival at J. Addison School, I felt a sense of ease because the staff and principal explained everything to me about the school, expectations and transitioning to boarding life. What I like about the school is the fact that the school is multicultural, which gives me the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures. In addition, the students are very polite and helpful as well as the staff. The teachers are very patient with you and take their time to explain everything to you. From personal opinion, I can't think of anything that I would like to change as everything is available for me.

(5) School Leadership

Yes, I respect the school leadership team, especially the dorm team. They really make sure that we are safe. They are very respectful, no matter your culture and religion. In addition, the school administration as well. In my opinion, the principal is warm and welcoming and he makes sure that we are on time for class and wear your uniform. In addition, he makes sure that the school safe for all who attend. Moreover, the Dean of Discipline, ensures that students as well as staff complete the Covid-19 surveys prior to entering the school. Equally as important, he has an open-door policy where we can communicate with him at any time to discuss any personal matter.

(5) Teaching

What I like about my interactions with the teachers is the fact that they provide materials that cater to your language ability to help you understand the information. In my personal opinion, I don't think that the teachers ask too much of us, however, they wish for us to give our very best. On the other hand, the materials can be challenging, but they would assure that we understand in order for us to succeed by asking questions, coming prepared for class, completing our assignments and being on time for school. Moreover, they require us to pay attention and created an open door policy to feel free to communicate with them at any time if anything is wrong and they will do their best to assist.

(5) Academics

The academics at J. Addison School is challenging which can be tiring sometimes based on your personal motivation, but the information that is provided prepares you for post-secondary life. In addition, I would have to say for some it may be hard and for others, it may be easy, it depends on the individual. However, for me personally, the teachers offer a wide range of assistance in understanding the content information as well as homework support and peer tutoring. I believe that what I am learning is useful as I am a grade 12 student who feels really prepared for university, based on the level of knowledge that I've received at J. Addison School for university. Moreover, I've learned how to become an independent person while studying at J. Addison School as being an international student living abroad.

(5) Extracurriculars

Currently doing the pandemic our schedule has slightly changed to meet the safety requirements. However, we were able to take part in a wide range of activities within the dorm and in the community. Those activities include games night, such as Family Feud, Charades, Table Tennis and Nintendo Video Games. In addition, there are opportunities for life-skill experiences such as baking and preparing tasty meals, such as bread, pizza, smoothies, cotton candy, ice-cream and etc.

(5) Students

The students are very friendly and outgoing that come from various parts of the world, such as Peru, Europe, Hong Kong, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria and China. They are so kind and helpful and make boarding life a great experience. We always play games in the common room area space, which creates connections and helps us to communicate more amongst each other. In addition, there is a myriad of commonalities that we share as well as differences, which is pretty cool. Some of those commonalities are, singing, just dance video games, charades, going to the gym, ping pong, movie nights, family feud and pizza. Moreover, we love chicken and Tim Hortons. Finally, the environment for the students feels like a town which is cozy as there is a strong bond that is shared amongst us, based on the notion that we are from different countries studying in Canada and the appreciation of diverse backgrounds. It's really cool to hear different multiple languages being spoken in the dorm.

(5) School Life

The school life provides an opportunity for you to meet a lot of friends and you won't feel alone. They make you feel like a family, which causes you not to miss your own family at times. The first place I would take them would be the common room area, as that is one of the most favorite places for me as a boarding school student. I find great joy being there as Mr. Brendan and the dorm team spend time with us, watch movies, play video games and provide us with the opportunity to stay up late and hang out with my boarding friends as they understand that the current pandemic is mentally challenging for us at times. Moreover, we learn how to cook in that space by making pizza, cotton candy, smoothies and other tasty treats!

(5) Community

Yes, the school feels like a home for me and everyone feels appreciated as well as respected. During this time, the school and dorm administration are working extremely hard to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all students. They understand the current challenges that we may be facing due to the pandemic, and providing the right support to meet our mental, physical, and social health. I've realized that for all of us within the school, we rely on each other as we have felt that some sort of freedom has been lost that we once enjoyed or we simply miss our family and friends who can't travel to meet us or nor visit to ensure everyone safety. Despite these challenges, I feel that being at the school has helped me to deal with them, so well!

(5) School Location

During COVID-19, our off-campus activities have slightly changed, however, we do have the opportunity for supervised off-campus ventures for a short period of time, such as going to the park within the community, fresh air breaks, or enjoying a well-loved after school snack at Tim Hortons or Wendys. What I love about the off-campus experience is that everything is right across from the school or a short walking distance from the school.

(5) Admissions

As an avid basketball player, J. Addison School has a wonderful basketball program which led me to apply, based on the communication from the current school's athletics director. In addition, an admissions counselor provided support from our communication by sending me information regarding the school tuition, admission process, scholarships, course outlines and extracurricular activities. Mr. Brendan, the school dorm supervisor was very nice and explained to me everything that I needed as I transition to boarding life. Moreover, he provided support for me in arranging with the dorm team to assist with any essential services, such as opening a Canadian bank account, telephone services as well as advice on the proper way to shop online. Upon my arrival, he advised of the necessary COVID-19 assessments prior to moving in and offered a hospitable experience thus far.


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