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Kingsley Primary School Reviews

Gain exclusive insight into life at Kingsley Primary School from our carefully curated video and written reviews, including roundtable Q&As, that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on Kingsley Primary School

When parents are considering a school, they’re right to ask about instructional styles, teaching, programs, assessment. Those are important. Though when we pick up our kids from school each day, we’re not thinking about those things. Instead, we ask: “How was your day?” Maybe we ask it reflexively, but when it comes to how children learn, that’s actually where the rubber really meets the road. Kids learn best in a consistent, supportive, personal, safe, and community-focused environment. Providing that kind of environment is what forms a basis for all of the work at Kingsley. When they say “thrive” they mean it in the broad sense—gaining a strong academic foundation—but also in the sense of having fun, gaining confidence, and finding a voice within a community of peers. The programs are strong, the teaching staff seasoned, and the school has had consistent success for more than three decades. For the families that enroll here, all of that is important. Likewise, the strength and focus of the learning environment is often, quite rightly, a principle draw. After all, a child's ability to thrive in life begins in having a good day, today.  

Video reviews

Get crucial behind-the-scenes information about Kingsley Primary School from video interviews with probing questions that we recorded live with parents, current students, and recent alumni.

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Alum, Hayley Hutton (2022)

Watch our alum interview with Hayley Hutton to learn about the unique experience of attending Kingsley Primary School.

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Parent, Judith Mena (2021)

Watch our parent interview with Judith Mena to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Kingsley Primary School.

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Parent, Rommy Alpinelli (2020)

Watch our parent interview with Rommy Alpinelli to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Kingsley Primary School.

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Roundtable Q&A (2021)

Watch our Kingsley Primary School Q&A discussion with Natasha (Parent), Erin (Parent), Jessica (Parent) to gain fresh insight into the school’s culture, values, and strengths.

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Written reviews

Dive deeply into the real culture of Kingsley Primary School with reviews we’ve structured to highlight only the most valuable insights and opinions submitted by parents, students, and alumni.

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Alum, Jane Mueller (2018)

Our child attended Kingsley from JK to Grade 5. She enjoyed everything during her time at King...

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Parent, Nicole Morell (2018)

It was a tough decision to move our 4-year old son to a new school, but after a challenging jun...

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