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REVIEW OF Kingsley Primary School BY Alum, Jane Mueller

  • Date of Review
    January 24, 2018

(N/A) Overall Experience

Our child attended Kingsley from JK to Grade 5. She enjoyed everything during her time at Kingsley, she loved all her teachers and she thrived at the school and she was well prepared when she had to move on. She liked the fact that she could go to any of the teachers if she didn't understand something and they always took the time to help her. The only disappointment she had was that the school did not go beyond grade 5 and she had to leave.

(N/A) School Leadership

The school responds to problems and issues immediately. There is constant communication between the school, the student and the parents. Their door is always open for discussions. Bad behaviour is not tolerated and I believe they handle things fairly.

(N/A) Teaching

We feel that Kingsley is always a step ahead in comparison to other schools. The students are challenged to learn more. The teachers are passionate and caring. If there are problems with a subject or homework, they do provide feedback and suggestions quickly and do not wait for report card time to let you know if there is something wrong.

(N/A) Academics

We can honestly say that the academic program at Kingsley is superb. When she moved on to another school, it was noticeable that she well prepared for the next grade because her new teachers recognized this and mentioned it. Kingsley has a positive atmosphere and encourages the students.

(N/A) Extracurriculars

When our child attended Kingsley, there were extracurricular opportunities but not as much as would be offered at a larger school. This did not present a problem for us though, they always tried to introduce new and different things that would make it fun and interesting for the students.

(N/A) Students

I would say that Kingsley was like a big happy family. The students all got along and respected each other and it didn't matter what grade they were in, they all knew each other by name. The little kids looked up to the big kids and the big kids cared about the little ones.

(N/A) School Life

Student life at Kingsley was always fun. The teachers were respected by the students and at the same time, the kids felt comfortable enough with the teachers to share a joke. Our child never liked to miss a day from school. Kingsley provides a lot of one on one attention to children that need it and I found this to be a positive thing when kids are struggling with a subject or personal problem. Kingsley manages to bring out the best in a child, and help them to be more confident.

(N/A) Community

Kingsley invited parent involvement during our time there. They held fun fairs involving the community. They had events to raise money.

(N/A) School Location

Kingsley is in a good neighborhood and students do not venture outside of the school grounds unless its with the class. There are a few school trips a year but generally, most activities were held at the school or on the property of the school or a nearby park.

(N/A) Admissions

When we first looked at Kingsley, we visited the school, were shown around by the principal and there was lots of discussion. Our child was with us and shown the classroom, and she stayed with the class while we were in discussion. The application process was not stressful at all. We did look at another school but chose Kingsley because we felt our child would not just become a number in the school and forgotten.


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