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REVIEW OF Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Arts & Sciences BY parent, Ian Parrott

  • Date of Review
    February 20, 2024
  • Child 1
    Preschool - Gr. 8 (Female, Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

Our daughter received a wonderful education at LDVA and is currently thriving in a demanding high school program. Examples of some of these benefits that she continues to use today include: 1. Receiving a well-rounded education that exposes students to all subjects; 2. Focusing on enjoying the love of learning new things as opposed to just marks; 3. Learning how to manage their time and learning how to study After her time at LDVA, our daughter was able to thrive in the International Baccalaureate program in high school and at the same time hold a responsible position in a part-time job. The education she received at LDVA prepared her very well for taking on a very busy schedule and at the same time doing very well in a difficult academic program.

(5) School Leadership

As parents, we were always impressed with the leadership at the school. Communication with all parents in the school is regular and timely through the use of an electronic newsletter and email. Problems are anticipated and are managed professionally by both teachers and school leadership. An example of outstanding leadership is the way that the school managed the COVID shutdowns in 2020-21. The school immediately pivoted to online learning and insisted on maintaining a regular class schedule and curriculum. Unlike other schools, that simply used online systems to assign work to students to work on in their own time, LDVA held regular classes with teachers with the obvious exception of physical education classes. It wasn't the easiest response, but the school put the quality of the children's education first.

(5) Teaching

The quality of the teachers at LDVA is one of the strongest assets of the school. The turnover of teachers at the school is relatively low so over time they really learn about the students. One of the themes that students (and parents) are taught is to get a well-rounded education that doesn't focus on marks but instead focuses on being curious about the world around them and learning how to enjoy learning. The school teaches the employment of the Da Vinci principles as they learn at all levels and grades. Our daughter enjoyed learning with all of her teachers and we never had a bad experience with any of them. Feedback is provided to both students and parents in a professional and constructive manner and they are always open to receiving comments or questions from parents.

(5) Academics

Without question, our daughter was prepared for high school as a result of her education at LDVA. She was accepted into an IB program and is currently excelling in all of her subjects. The workload in her high school program is very high and the content is advanced, but she is managing to achieve good marks while at the same time holding down a part-time job. This is largely the result of learning very good study habits and how to manage her time while juggling different priorities. One notable academic strength of the school is the language instruction. The French language program is superb and our daughter handled the high school curriculum with ease. Our observation is that her French language skills are superior to those coming from public and other private schools. The Italian language program is very unique and she really enjoyed learning a third language. In addition, LDVA also has a strong music program which was an integral part of the academic program from preschool to grade 8. During her time at LDVA, our daughter became excellent at playing the clarinet. Her high school teacher was impressed with her skill on the clarinet and she received an academic award for highest mark in music. This is directly attributed to the music program at LDVA. LDVA also ensures that art and current events are integrated into their academic program at all levels. As noted earlier, LDVA is consistent in teaching how to love learning about all subjects and not focus on getting high marks in one area at the expense of others. This has prepared our daughter very well not only for high school but also for life.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

LDVA emphasizes learning about all subjects and during the school year, the students compete with each other in an intramural sports program. The students are divided into teams that consist of students of all ages and abilities and they spend the academic year playing a variety of different sports. The games are competitive but the emphasis is on having fun and teamwork. If parents are looking for a school that offers high-level programs like competitive swimming or hockey, then it is not the right school, However, the lessons learned about teamwork are invaluable.

(5) Students

The student body at LDVA is relatively small which allows for small classes and personal instruction. The general atmosphere of the students at the school is very positive with high participation in the intramural program and also the school concerts, plays and programs that occur throughout the year. Our observation was that students generally get along with each other and the faculty. Discipline, bullying and disruptive behaviour were never a problem and in our view would be effectively managed by the school very quickly if it ever did occur. Our daughter graduated from Grade 8 in 2021 and maintains friendships with several of her classmates even when they have moved on to different high schools. This is an indication that she enjoyed her time at LDVA and values the friendships of her former classmates.

(5) School Life

The overall quality of student life at LDVA is very high. The class sizes are small, the teachers are friendly and outstanding educators. The variety of subjects that are taught is very wide and the students really seem to enjoy learning. In the time that our daughter was at LDVA, she never complained about any of her teachers, wanted to leave, or resisted going to school. She met many great friends and as parents, we were very happy with the education that she received. The DaVinci principles are a constant theme at every grade and in every subject. This fosters a love of learning about the world and when they are ready for high school they are well prepared regardless of what they end up focusing on later in life.

(5) Community

One thing that really stands out for us is that LDVA always takes a broad view of its place in society and the community. From doing concert recitals in nearby retirement homes to running the annual Terry Fox charity, LDVA always encourages thinking of others and making society a better place to live. This is consistent with the DaVinci principles that form the basis for all of their curriculum. In terms of the role of parents in the school, there is a volunteer parents council that is supported by the school leadership which takes on fundraising and event planning (i.e., the end-of-year school picnic). There is no pressure from the school to participate, but they actively support and encourage the parents' council.

(5) School Location

LDVA moved to a new location in our daughter's final year at LDVA so she didn't have a lot of time there. However, the school is located in a good neighbourhood that shares space with the Italian cultural centre. This is an excellent fit given the very strong Italian program at LDVA. The classrooms are all brand new, clean and very functional and they have access to a modern gymnasium and lots of outdoor space.

(5) Admissions

Our daughter enrolled in LDVA's Montessori program when she was only 2 and a half years old. We were exploring different schools and weren't sure about our daughter's readiness so we were very happy to find LDVA. We met with the Montessori teacher who took our daughter into a classroom and worked with her for a few hours in order to assess her readiness. She loved the school and the teacher from the moment she arrived and she never looked back and stayed until she graduated from Grade 8. The admissions process was very straightforward and they really spent time to answer any of our questions and took the time to make sure the school was a good fit for our daughter. We would not change anything about the admissions process. On a final note, we are very happy with the education experience our daughter received at LDVA and we all have very fond memories of the school and their staff.


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