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REVIEW OF London Christian High BY parent, Lori Hill

  • Date of Review
    August 27, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - 12

(5) Student Experience

Both my children attend London Christian High. They appreciate the more intimate setting where both students and teachers are plugged in and not only care about their academic needs but their spiritual and emotional needs as well. Both my children feel seen and valued as an individual. Their uniqueness is seen and celebrated. They were involved in choir, badminton club, swim club, and book club. Being able to check on assignments and any communication from the teachers using Edsby was a great help, especially during the online portion that occured due to Covid. Both my children almost seamlessly transitioned into online learning and as a parent I feel that they finished their school year learning all the expectations that were required for their year. They both have expressed their appreciation for going to London Christian High.

(5) School Leadership

The leadership at London Christian High is amazing. There is a sense of direction for the school. Any questions or concerns are always addressed and acknowledged in a respectful manner. Discipline issues are usually addressed but I feel that students could have some more accountablily for their actions and have some more consequences. However, I recognize that behaviour issues occur in all school settings. Communication is a definite strength for London Christian High. This was very notable during the Covid pandemic; leadership and communication allowed us to know what direction and actions the school was taking to continue the students education almost immediately. Email's are sent frequently to keep parents up to date.

(4.5) Teaching

The quality of instruction is excellent at London Christian High. The amount of work the teachers put in is evident. One teacher had brought in her all-time favourite books into her classroom for English class to help inspire students to read. She had one that I had always wanted to read and happily lent it to me. Her joy for books and desire to see her students succeed was evident. My one child is on an IEP and throughout each subject they were diligent in accommodating her needs. They were truly there to see her succeed and because of that she could feel more confident in what she learned. I value the openness of each teacher to ensure that my children get what they need. Both my children received the challenges and the support that each of them, as an individual, needed.

(4.5) Academics

The academic program is excellent. Their strengths are ensuring a strong program that is also adapted for those who struggle and are on an IEP. I would say that this is their strength. As mentioned previously, my daughter is on an IEP and they ensured that she was successful by assigning an Educational Assistant to the class and providing notes, test reviews, and extra support at breaks. My son enjoyed challenges that were set forth and I feel that he received a strong academic education. Weaknesses within the academic realm is that due to being a smaller school, there isn't a wider range of subjects that are available due to the school size. It is a positive atmosphere at the school, and it is felt and noticed when I walk into the school.

(4) Extracurriculars

The extracurricular activities are well done at London Christian High considering the smaller student population size. Teachers were very accomodating in figuring out transportation considering the longer distances many students had (e.g. carpooling, organizing classes/sports). My children were involved in badminton, book club, choir (they have a strong music/drama program), and swim club. Practices were held and the school was involved in tournaments.

(5) Students

This is an area that London Christian High excels in. The smaller school size is advantageous for students so that they can form deeper relationships. Students (especially in Grade 9), don't feel so overwhelmed in the smaller setting. When walking into the school, it feels welcoming, and I always get a smile, wave, or hello from the secretary or any staff member who happens to be walking by. Staff and students are easily approachable. It is easy to see that this is a Christian environment through items or students work that is on the walls, through assemblies, and discussions that are tied into the curriculum in class. This is the most important aspect for our family- that their day includes Christian teaching in every faucet of life (not just academics but in relationships), and our hope is that this will help enable them to carry important life lessons into their future.

(4.5) School Life

The quality of school life at London Christian high is excellent. My children enjoy going there. They are invested in their learning and I think that this is in part due to the dedication from the staff, and their example that they see exhibited at LCH, and because each student can see that they are valued and celebrated. The difference with London Christian High, is that this school functions as a second family for our children. Teachers and staff are always willing to discuss our children, not just academically, but emotionally and spiritually too. I feel that my 'whole' child is seen and recognized. Students have frequent check-ins with teachers to ensure that they are on track; this is helpful in order to make sure that they will not slip through the cracks.

(5) Community

Parents are welcomed at the beginning of the year, and there is always a BBQ where parents, teachers, staff, and students can mingle and chat to instil a sense of community. Forming relationships are important to the school through different events throughout the year. They have a Christmas concert (parents can join in to sing Christmas carols), Grandparents Day (students host a tea/snack), and in the spring they have the Celebration of Learning event where students can showcase their work. The Celebration of Learning is a big event and some students present their work to interested parents. Parents can travel around the school to their child's classrooms to see what they have accomplished and learned. They have done a lot of work in the community and try to tie curriculum in with real life experiences (Urban Gardens, learning about organizations in the community, class trips, etc.) They help in the community which helps students learn how to be of service to God.

(4) School Location

London Christian High is located on the southeast end of London, and is nestled in a subdivision. It is an area that allows students to participate easily within the community of London. Students do venture out for class trips and experiences, however, during lunch there aren't a lot of places the students can go within walking distance. They may leave school grounds for lunch from Grades 10-12.

(5) Admissions

The application process was fairly simple. My children had attended a public school, and then to a private Christian elementary school. We knew that a Christian highschool was what we wanted for them. They hosted an information night which was very helpful. They answered almost all the questions we had and were open and very approachable for any other inquiries. They took any concerns seriously and did their best to work with us. Once the paperwork was submitted for our childrens first year of school, all that needed to be done was a renewal of the contract for the remaining years. I didn't find the admission process stressful because we knew that it was a great fit for our children and that they would work with us throughout the process.

(5) University placement and counselling

We have been through the transition of Grade 12 to our child applying for College. They had 2 events where students could go to presentations given by a variety of Christian and non-Christian Colleges and Universities. Students were given a list of due dates, and 'what to expect' sheets so that they could stay on top of the process. This was nice for me as a parent so that we could know what was going on and be a part of the process. The vice-principal met with my daughter whenever she had questions and both the Learning Support teacher and vice-principal connected with each student to ensure they had the correct subjects and requirements for their post-secondary path. I should also mention, that throughout the 4 years my daughter went there, they checked up on the subjects she chose each year, to ensure that they lined up with her intended career path.


THE OUR KIDS REPORT: London Christian High

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