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REVIEW OF Luther College High School BY parent, Terelyne Vadeboncoeur

  • Date of Review
    February 23, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 12

(4.5) Student Experience

Our children have valued the sense of community, the friendships, and the range of opportunities available at Luther. They find teachers friendly and supportive.

(4) School Leadership

We have never had to deal with administrators in a disciplinary function. All three administrators are friendly and approachable. I always feel as though they know my children - they aren't faceless students.

(3.5) Teaching

Luther teachers do a great job of preparing students to synthesize information and communicate effectively in both written and spoken formats. I'm happy to see that there is trend toward having more project and inquiry based learning. I wonder sometimes if the focus of being a university preparatory school doesn't rush some students to a stage of independence that they aren't quite ready for. OSA is not a very effective system for keeping informed of how your student is doing, but the school is investigating other options. I find that teachers communicate well with me if I initiate the communication, but they have never contacted me first. I appreciate that all teachers teach in their specialty area, and seem to be passionate about their subject matter.

(4) Academics

Luther provides a strong liberal arts education that is enhanced and strengthened because of the influence of the IB programme. Standards and expectations are high. Our oldest child is finding university easier than high school!

(4.5) Extracurriculars

My children have been pleased with everything they've participated in, from athletic to artistic pursuits, to clubs and volunteering. I appreciate that most teams do not cut players, but accept all-takers. I believe that my children are given every opportunity to become well-rounded citizens.

(4.5) Students

Our children have been very happy at Luther. They have met and become friends with a wide range of people, and feel part of the community. The size of the student body is effective for keeping a warm atmosphere. Traditions that have grown from its 100+ years of existence enhance the school community and strengthen the sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves that students feel. Students seem to be supportive of each other, and there are friendships forged by students at different grade levels. Unlike some high schools one might hear about, grade 9 students are nurtured and cared for by older students. Luther is a very special place!

(4.5) School Life

Our children have enjoyed attending Luther, and feel at home there. They feel safe and cared for. It's a huge benefit to our students to meet, interact with, and be friends with students from different areas of the world. I appreciate that Luther's student body is becoming increasingly diverse through the scholarship program. My children feel an intense sense of pride at being part of the Luther community.

(5) Community

I think the school provides the right balance for parent involvement at a high school level. I love being able to volunteer for different school functions, and especially enjoy the All-College Banquet.

(4.5) School Location

I think it's more of an island until students get a driver's license, then I hear about lots of coffee trips during spares!! Students go into the community at various times of the year to do service work and be part of the larger community. It's a special location because of the historic value of being in the oldest neighbourhood in Regina.

(5) Admissions

The new online application process is fabulous! It has become less stressful with each child who has applied. Alison and Jacqueline are very helpful. I would encourage every family to attend a grade 8 info night, and for every student to have a spend-a-day. Both were extremely beneficial for our family.

(3) University placement and counselling

There is so much information that is available for graduating students and their parents that it becomes very important for the person in this position to be able to curate it well. Possibly developing some sort of calendar for major deadlines, a separate area on the website for links to different universities and scholarships would be helpful. Some of this student/parent counselling might need to begin in grade 11.


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