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REVIEW OF Lynn-Rose School BY parent, Prashanthi Srikanthan

  • Date of Review
    April 29, 2024
  • Child 1
    Preschool - SK (Female, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

My child enjoys her at time at school because she gets the opportunity to try and learn new things . She has dedicated teachers and supportive administration to ensure she has been progressing remarkably both in academics and interpersonal skills. She comes home being proud of the work she does at school thanks to her teachers . She has learned to be independent and has begun to learn the importance of doing quality work . She enjoys being given the opportunity to try various activities in class without worrying about the outcome . This is has helped her significantly to understand the importance of taking the initiative and doing her best no matter what the outcome is . Lynn Rose has helped her overcome her shyness and have been consistently encouraging her to interact and develop friendship with all her classmates .

(5) School Leadership

The school leadership and administration is extremely patient and receptive to parent concerns. They are willing to work with parents to ensure problems are addressed in a timely fashion. The school has a wonderful communication system helping parents be informed about the child’s overall progress and behaviour. The school ensures children are safe within the campus and takes disciplinary action as and when needed. Report cards at the end of each term precisely include the positives and scope for improvement for the following term. This helps parents identify concerns that need to be addressed and work in unison with the school.

(5) Teaching

Lynn Rose Heights has a wonderful team of dedicated teachers working to ensure quality education is delivered in the classroom. The concepts taught are a grade ahead of the Ontario Curriculum and delivered to children such that they don’t feel it is overwhelming. Children learn to read ahead of their grade in kindergarten and materials are provided to enhance the child’s interest in writing. Kindergarten classroom has a lot of hands-on activities in general and especially during Math making it easier to relate and understand key concepts. Technology sessions include an introduction to coding in a fun and interactive way. Overall, classes are planned ahead of time and delivered such that children are curious and explore and learn. Parents are updated at the end of each day making it easier to understand about the work done in the classroom. Feedback from the teachers makes it easier to identify the strengths and challenges a child faces in the learning process. Teachers are very dedicated and willing to help children in several ways to ensure they don’t struggle in the learning process.

(5) Academics

The academic program offered by Lynn Rose Heights encourages children to try and learn new things without giving up. Children are encouraged to accept failures and work continuously without losing hope. This has helped my child come out of her comfort zone and try things she has never done before without inhibitions. I am confident the academic program offered will transform my child into a confident person in the coming years. The school is willing to provide several resources to help foster a positive learning environment during parent-teacher interactions thereby ensuring children find learning a fun activity rather than a challenge. Several topics are covered in the classroom each month and for each topic, the approach chosen is child-friendly and enhances the child’s curiosity to learn more.

(5) Extracurriculars

Students have weekly clubs and the program offered during clubs changes every term thereby ensuring children get to learn and play something new. Physical activity sessions are offered every week helping children calm their minds and move their bodies. Jungle gym and soccer sessions are offered by the school. Children look forward to these sessions throughout the school year as there is always something new they get to learn.

(5) Students

Students are generally disciplined, follow classroom rules . They are willing to work with fellow students , understand the objectives of the school and act accordingly. The school offers children a number of hands on activities to foster friendship , understand the importance of team work and willingness to try suggestions given by fellow classmates. The student ratio in the classroom is such that children receive equal attention from teachers . Children receive regular reminders about the importance of maintaining a positive mindset by the school thus helping them work in unison . Children in Kindergarten are encouraged to develop communication skills by forming groups and being given the opportunity to explore and play with various resources available in the classroom . This helps children learn to communicate politely and interact with the entire class thereby working towards being socially engaged .

(5) School Life

Lynn Rose Heights provides a memorable experience for children every year. Children love coming to school thanks to the wonderful support of dedicated teachers and the administration team. Lynn Rose is the best choice as it has a warm and loving administration team, extremely patient and dedicated teachers and an amazing School Head willing to listen to parents and work towards the betterment of the school. My child has been with Lynn Rose for the past 3 years and never regrets going to school. She loves to attend school even during the weekends. Our experience with Lynn Rose as a family has been amazing and we have never looked beyond this school. Our child only wishes to attend Lynn Rose School because she feels her teachers have made her feel comfortable and safe.

(5) Community

The school has a wonderful parent-teacher group organizing different events throughout the year thereby encouraging the parent community to meet each other. The school welcomes suggestions from parents regarding student experience at school and works towards incorporating constructive suggestions for the betterment of the student community. The school reaches out to parents on a regular basis through surveys to help the school better identify concerning issues if there are any. The parent community is invited to various events in the school to help them witness the progress children have made throughout the year. Student-led conferences, Book Fairs, Concerts, Fall Fair, and Science Fair are some of the events where parents are welcome to the school and suggestions are encouraged. The parent community is a wonderful team of dedicated parents bringing joy to the kids by organizing some social events.

(5) School Location

The school is located in an accessible location. The school has strict safety measures at all times including drop-off and dismissal. The surrounding neighbourhood has pharmaceutical offices and is very calm and safe. The school is located at a prime location and welcomes admissions from all the nearby neighbourhoods. The school has excellent safety measures making it the best choice among other schools in the neighbourhood.

(5) Admissions

The admission process was transparent and easy. The school gives a complete tour and overview of the objectives the school would be able to deliver based on the grade level. The fee structure is reasonable compared to other schools making it the best among the other schools in the neighbourhood. The school has a preparatory year program helping children overcome fear during the first year of Kindergarten. This program helps children train themselves to the expectations set by the school for admission to Kindergarten.


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