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REVIEW OF Lynn-Rose School BY parent, Mrs. S.

  • Date of Review
    March 06, 2018
  • Grades
    SK - Gr. 8

(5) Student Experience

Our child loves Lynn-Rose Heights and has had a great experience attending this school. Our child loves the atmosphere, wonderful friends, the school grounds themselves, incredible theatre events, the way the teachers connect with and teach the students. Our child has benefited from the quality and quantity of education. The teachers have an open line of direct email communication with the students and parents in the older grades and with the parents in the younger grades. Work is recapped at the end of every day. Our child likes having the ability to email any teacher with any questions at any time during the day or after school. We like the ability to also have an open line of communication the the teachers.

(5) School Leadership

The school has excellent leadership and administration. They really communicate and stay connected with both the parents and the students. They are very clear, open, and honest. If we ourselves, or our child has a question, we simply ask and they always answer right away. There is always an open door policy with the teachers, administration, and the leadership at the school. It is a very clear and transparent educational facility. If we are concerned about anything, we just ask. The school addresses the questions or concerns, and answers or solves it before it become a problem. Lynn-Rose Heights is exceptionally effective and wonderful at communicating with students and parents.

(5) Teaching

We are very happy with the quality and quantity of instruction and education at Lynn-Rose Heights. It is an IB World School that works at an advanced level. They also offer academic and applied education courses and levels. They really do cater to each child. The majority of the teachers at this school are exceptionally knowledgable about the subjects they teach. We found that teachers in core subjects such as Language, Science, Geography, History, Math, Music, French and Drama are very passionate about the subjects they teach. Lynn-Rose Heights designs the programs so the children experience just enough challenge in each subject to keep them engaged and interested in education, without getting frustrated or overwhelmed.

(5) Academics

Lynn-Rose Heights has an excellent academic program. Lynn-Rose Heights in an IB World School. They also offer different levels of education, especially in the higher grades. The students can choose IB, or regular academic or applied level courses. We found that they really do cater to the individual students needs and requirements. Our child does use the IB programs, and is also working at a higher level in Language in Mathematics. We feel that this school absolutely prepared our child for the next steps in education and in life.

(5) Extracurriculars

Lynn-Rose Heights has exceptional extracurricular opportunities. They offer incredible classes in Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cross Country Running, team sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Flag Football, Track and Field, are all included. Lynn-Rose Heights also has incredible seasonal theatre performances and stunning theatre performances at the end of each year. All the students, from all levels participate to create these phenomenal shows. They also offer school trips up north with multiple outdoor activities, team building exercises. For the older grades they offer school trips to Montreal and the USA. Lynn-Rose Heights helps the students to learn to encourage and appreciate others, as well as to become wonderful, responsible adults.

(5) Students

From what we have seen, the vast majority of the students are wonderful, fun loving, caring, yet motivated, inquiring minded, children and young adults. They interact well together, and collaborate well when completing projects, assignments or participating in sports. They really get along and encourage each other. Our child has formed many friendships with fellow students over the years and has maintained those friendships. Overall, there are quite a few students at Lynn-Rose Heights. The class rooms are perfect in size of approximately 16 students each, so they are not overcrowded. There are three buildings. The Primary Years Campus, the Middle Years Campus, and Lynn- Rose College which is the Sr. Years Campus.

(5) School Life

Our child loves attending Lynn-Rose Heights. The leadership and administration have made the school a place for learning, personal growth, respect and they incorporate a lot of fun and activities into daily school life. Even though Lynn-Rose Heights is an IB World school they focus on getting the majority of the lessons and work done in the classroom. They manage to keep the homework level from being too heavy or excessive. This gives the students more personal time for sports, activities, family, and studying when needed. This creates a great education and home life balance.

(5) Community

As parents we have had a great experience at Lynn-Rose Heights. Parents are encouraged to be involved. The doors of the administration and leadership personnel are always open to the students and the parents. They make themselves available whenever we have asked. Even if it is just a quick question. The staff will call or email the parents, always keeping the lines of communication open. The staff will always take a quick minute to say, "Hello" to the parents at pick up times or at any events the school has. We have had many opportunities to volunteer and join the school at fundraisers for local community food banks, shelters, school fundraisers, book fairs, family event dinner nights. It builds a school community, within a community. It has been amazing.

(5) School Location

The location of Lynn-Rose Heights and Lynn Rose College is amazing. The Primary and Middle School campuses are beside each other. They are beautifully gated, have a wonderful playground, beautiful trees and lots of shade in the summer. They have parks and beautiful trails right beside them. It is a wonderful area, on a quiet street. The students can enjoy the grounds and they can participate in events like the Terry Fox Run, and hiking on the trails and through the parks. Lynn-Rose College is the Sr Campus. It is just north of these two and is also located beside wonderful sports fields, parks and tails. All are easy to access off major roads but surrounded by quiet park settings. Perfect.


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