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REVIEW OF Lynn-Rose School BY parent, Laura Trujillo

  • Date of Review
    March 08, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 1 - Gr. 4

(5) Student Experience

I have two children enrolled at LRH, my youngest daughter is currently in grade 4 and my older daughter is in grade 8. My oldest will go on to Lynn Rose College in the Fall. The best part of their experience so far would be the small class size and one on one attention they receive. The faculty is outstanding and go above and beyond for my daughters. My older daughter really enjoys the theatre productions that are done every year which includes the whole school. My younger daughter enjoys the variety of clubs and the variation in the gym component which includes, sports, karate, swimming, gymnastics etc. As a result of the school and class size, my children have been able to form and bond relationships that have stayed with them year over year.

(5) School Leadership

The entire staff at LRH are so attentive to our children's needs while addressing their strengths and limitations. Everyone from the principle to the support staff and bus driver's are all very invested in the school and our children. They school responds quickly, thoroughly & thoughtfully to any issues with the best interest of the children in mind. The open communication we have as parents with the teachers is so important and having a monthly call to discuss our children's progress has contributed to their success. Whether it be via emails, calls, Edmodo or Google Classroom we are always connected to what is happening at the school, what homework and projects are due and just day to day updates on what the children are doing in class.

(4) Teaching

The teachers at Lynn Rose Heights are all exceptional and really care about our children. Each of my daughters have had excellent teachers and have always been provided with the support that they need. The IB Program along with the experiential learning they receive has improved they way my daughters learn. My older daughter needs support with language and math and her learning plan always addresses it. The open communication we have with the teachers is amazing and being able to communicate with your child's teacher via email and receive a response or call within hours is so helpful to our child's continued success academically. Both my children are well supported at LRH and have been successful because of the support they receive from their teachers.

(5) Academics

The fundamentals of the IB program have made a huge impact on my daughters' academic success. The learning techniques, philosophies, experiences in learning is what has made my children achieve their goals. They take learning to a higher level and a great example of that is four day trips out of the city to places like Washington and Ottawa to learn about the government policies, procedures and its history. The school's academic philosophy is based around attributes and values such as respect, leadership, confidence, strength, wisdom and integrity. I am extremely confident that my children will be ready for what life brings them. Even in their young age, I have seen growth in my children because of Lynn Rose.

(5) Extracurriculars

The school has a very good sports program along with many other options for our children to get involved in. Our children have the opportunity to take part in various clubs which are offered at all grade levels during the year. There is an annual theatre production that each student in the school has a part in whether it is singing or acting and there is a large production at the end of the school year. During the year the children take part in karate, swimming, gymnastics, yoga, dance, student council, choir, band etc. The selection of musical instruments is also very impressive. My daughter has visited Washington, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa on class trips. There is an assorted variety of extracurricular activities available to suit each child. With the many options available, I believe our children are provided with creative and positive experiences which results in strong and well-rounded students. Some additional options for language other than French would be a bonus.

(4.5) Students

The school population at Lynn Rose is small which is what attracted us to the school when we initially met with them many years ago. We really like that the campuses are small and quaint and the facilities are adequate extremely well maintained for the students. One of the best qualities of the school is it's size and population. It allows for the students to all know each other and build strong bonds that they take with them year after year. The students interact very well together regardless of their class and age. Respect is expected from all the students and enthusiasm is high in the school. My daughters love going to school and have built strong relationships with their peers as well as the teachers.

(4) School Life

My daughters love going to school. They look forward to their time there not only with their friends but with their teachers. They feel very at home and comfortable at school and can express themselves without judgement. Due to the school's size and the level of communication the parents have with the faculty, it makes for a very positive relationship from a parent's perspective. All of the teachers are approachable and always make themselves available. Our daughter are very proud to be a part of the school and have made great memories during their time there so far. Students attend Lynn Rose from not only within the region but drive distances because of what LRH can provide for their children. This is a true testament to the quality of the school.

(5) Community

I think the level of parental involvement is appropriate and works for our family. We try to be very involved in our child's education plan and their experiences at school; so I am content with the level of interaction we currently have. Parents are always encouraged to be involved at all levels. The faculty is always available and open to suggestions and ideas and are great with the same as it applies to your children. They are always looking for ways to improve the experience at Lynn Rose not only for the students but for the parents as well. We really appreciate the contact we have directly with the school. The principle and vice principle always make time for the parents and are involved at all levels.

(5) School Location

The location of Lynn Rose Heights for our family is ideal. My daughters are now taking the school bus which is amazing because of the door to door pick up and drop off. It is a 5-10 minute drive from our home and the school is located in a residential/office area which does not have a lot of traffic and is very safe. The children stay within the boundaries of the school and its grounds which we prefer. It is a very safe and well monitored area in Mississauga. It's easily accessible by car and even transit. The 401 is closest main highway, with the 407 and 403 not far. The location is great because of it's proximity to the local pool at the community centre, gymnastics centre and theatre where the annual productions are held.


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