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REVIEW OF March Academy BY parent, Andrea Davitt

  • Date of Review
    March 30, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 3 (Female, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

My child is enjoying a number of things at March Academy. She loves her teacher and the fact that her teacher listens to her and helps her with questions. She is proud of the work she has accomplished and she is excited to learn more. My child has demonstrated progress in all subject areas, particularly reading and Nature Studies. She enjoys piano lessons which she has also demonstrated significant progress. My child loves the outside activities, particularly the cross-country skiing and the running program. She is fully engaged with the other students and has established some great friendships. The students put on a wonderful holiday pageant with plenty of singing and acting. This is a school that has actively learned my child’s learning style and idiosyncrasies. They have helped my child establish her learning goals and have supported her in reaching them. She loves going to school every day because she feels welcomed and important within the school community. Over this year the school has communicated regularly with me regarding my child’s progress providing me with the positives and the areas needing improvement. All in all, it has been a sound educational experience.

(5) School Leadership

The staff at March Academy are always welcoming and find the time to talk and address any issues I have had. Their knowledge is extensive regarding how students learn and with this, they are able to foster a positive experience for the students. Discipline issues are dealt with quickly, respectfully, and effectively. When there are issues relating to my child, I am included in the decision-making process. Their ability to know their students and get the best out of them is something that stands out at the school.

(5) Teaching

First of all the teachers are well respected as highly knowledgeable and very passionate individuals at March Academy. They bring a wealth of knowledge both in the core subject material and in areas of music, yoga, martial arts, nature studies, and physical education. My child comes home confidently about how she learns and knows she has backup when she needs it from her teachers. She is beginning to understand her learning style as she navigates the curriculum and she is proud of the fact she is an independent learner. Specific materials supporting my child’s needs are recommended by her teacher so I can support her at home specifically by reading a series of books that are high-interest materials for my child.

(5) Academics

March Academy anchors its students learning in meeting the students where they are academically and teaching them how to learn. They look at the student’s overall profile and determine the approach to use to support and develop the student’s learning goals. In my child’s case, she entered the school with a lack of understanding of her own learning and lacked the confidence to approach new learning situations. Now she has built her confidence and she approaches learning independently with support only when she needs it. The strategies she has learned over this year are clear to her and effective. Her reading has really improved and she no longer approaches her math with anxiety. In fact, she welcomes the challenge of learning in all subjects. The learning environment is collaborative and respectful which lays the foundation upon which all the students meet with success.

(4) Extracurriculars

The extracurricular activities are built into the curriculum at March Academy. The students are taught piano, yoga, and martial arts. The school provides plenty of athletic activities outside which include games of low organization, skating, and sliding. They have a park nearby which facilitates activities like running and soccer. Because the students are very active, I feel they are getting plenty of opportunities to develop into well-rounded students.

(4.5) Students

The student body at March Academy is cohesive and supportive. The small size allows for individual attention and small group activities. The students interact well and when there is an issue it is dealt with quickly and effectively. The students encourage one another and help out when called upon. The Remembrance Day ceremony and the Christmas Pageant were extremely well done by the students and staff. All the students participated and displayed a positive spirit as they sang, danced, and told stories. The parents were thrilled to see their children demonstrating enthusiasm toward the activities. The students were proud of the work they did in preparing for the activities. They all knew their roles and lines and helped each other when anyone stumbled. They deserved the applause they received.

(5) School Life

School life for my child is very positive and in the past year has helped her with her overall growth as an individual. She comes home enthusiastic about what she has learned and she is encouraged to continue to practice things she has learned like her piano, yoga. She has also picked up learning the guitar at home because of the music lessons she receives at school. My child is also athletic and over this past year, she has developed a greater sense of balance and strength. She has been able to perfect her swimming skills and skiing skills. She doesn’t hold back at school, projecting a cooperative yet competitive spirit with the students who are both older and younger than her. School life has improved dramatically over the last school year she attended.

(4) Community

March Academy invites parents to participate in the many activities the students engage in at the school. This year I participated in the Terry Fox run along with other parents and students. This gave me an opportunity to meet other parents and take pictures of my child and her classmates. She really enjoyed participating as did I. In addition parents were invited to other presentations by the students such as the Remembrance Day activity and the Christmas pageant. Parents are also invited to participate in the nature walks. I think more opportunities for parents to be involved in the student life at the school would be welcomed by parents possibly by helping out with outdoor activities or planned excursions to other venues away from the school.

(4) School Location

The school is located in an area where the students can take advantage of a variety of play areas. They can take advantage of fields, hockey and skating rinks, playground areas, and walking areas. Students regularly ventured away from the school with teacher supervision to take advantage of these venues. During the day, students can take advantage of a large playground area to play with others during lunchtime and break time.


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