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REVIEW OF March Academy BY parent, Theresa Smyth

  • Date of Review
    June 13, 2019
  • Grades
    Gr. 3 - Gr. 6

(5) Student Experience

March Academy has been amazing for our son and our family. Our son struggled in the public system and would often come home frustrated and crying. At March Academy, he has thrived and he comes home everyday with a smile on his face! He will always say “I love it here!" He enjoys the small class sizes and loves playing soccer in the huge field at recess. He has gained confidence and life skills that will assist him for the rest of his life. He has enjoyed the martial arts! He even broke a board and received his yellow belt with all the children and teachers cheering him on. He has made some good friendships here at the school and they accept my son for who he is.

(5) School Leadership

The teachers at March Academy are exceptional. They are kind and caring, yet firm. Especially with expected behavior from the children. The children thrive under these teacher’s supervision. If there are any issues, both wonderful or concerning, as a parent, you are the first to hear from the principal. I have many opportunities to speak with Kerry, at any time during the day. She is readily available. There is certainly a positive atmosphere at the school and issues are dealt with promptly and in a fair manner. It is a very warm and safe environment.

(5) Teaching

The teaching at March Academy goes above and beyond my expectations. My child has an Individualized Education Plan and has worked closely with the teachers. My son has difficulty with processing information. He needs to take his time with listening to fully comprehend what is being asked of him. The teachers are patient and helpful. They work with him to ensure he understands the lesson being taught, and what is expected of him. The teachers are knowledgeable and comprehend the needs of the child. The art work the children bring home is beautiful. They use a variety of materials. My son has had poor fine motor coordination skills, however, you would never be able to tell by the beautiful paintings and detail of the art work.

(5) Academics

The academics at March Academy is dedicated to teaching and learning by the child’s individual abilities. Our son has excelled even with his diagnosis, further than I would have expected. The children are encouraged to learn, and when in a group of avid learners, there is success in the end. Our son is reading and writing at a much higher level than when he was in the system. Our son is prompt in getting his homework finished. There is not a lot of homework, however when it is assigned, there is an expectation that it will be done. Reading is a high priority at March Academy. It teaches the children that quiet reading time is important. The school also has guest speakers to discuss subjects relating to each month's different topic.

(5) Extracurriculars

The extracurricular activities are included in the daily life of the school. The children have choir, take piano lessons and have Martial Arts. There is yoga and nature walks. In the winter there is cross country skiing and the annual “downhill ski day”!! This year the school put on the singing musical “Oliver”! It was an amazing performance. One of the BEST plays I have ever watched! The dancing and singing were exceptional. During the month of February, everyone looks forward to Chile Bingo Night!! That is probably one of the best highlights for both the student, staff and parents.

(5) Students

March Academy is a small school of 30-35 children. It was a warm and kind environment. Absolutely no bullying and teachers are able to closely monitor all interactions. If there are any issues they are dealt with immediately. The students are kind and respectful to one another. They form close friendships and often many of the grades all interact in a large soccer game during recess. I have admired the way that all the children can play together at recess. The children get to interact with all the grades. I believe it helps to promote healthy friendships within, and teaches them patience, empathy and kindness. I have watched the older grade six kids teach the younger kids to "drop kick" a soccer ball. The older children can become mentors to some of the younger children.

(5) School Life

March Academy has been a shining light for my son and our family during a very strenuous time in his life. He had a lot difficulty with friendships and learning in the larger school system. March Academy has provided a warm and welcoming environment that has helped him with his daily routine and confidence. March Academy will always have a special place in our hearts! Now that he is older, and will be moving on to a new school, we will greatly miss being a part of the March Academy family. A child going off to school "Happy" is one of the greatest gifts a parent can receive. March Academy is "Happiness" for our son and our family. March Academy has been a highlight in my sons life!!

(5) Community

The community of March Academy is wonderful. Parents are involved as much as they would like to be. The parents are always friendly and kind. We even had a breakfast club a few times throughout the year. Parents certainly play a role in the life of the school. Activities and events are always a time for parents to get involved. There is a parent council for decision making and often a collaboration of exciting ideas for the year ahead. It is purely based on volunteering ,and if parents are short on time there is no pressure. The year always starts out with a BBQ for new families and their children to meet the other children attending the school. It is a fantastic way to kick off the school year, even before it starts.

(5) School Location

Great school location in Kanata. Beautiful grounds, with a large field to run around at recess. Access to the beautiful stone church for recitals, and the hall for refreshments afterward. Inside is warm and welcoming. Beautiful art from the school always decorates the walls. The school has a cozy feel. My son enjoys the music room and has access to the electric keyboards.


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