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April 15, 2019

A chat with a Head Residential Advisor at Fulford Academy, Greg Lehman

One of our head residential advisors Greg Lehman spoke with Admissions Officer Steve Joudoin to discuss residence life at Fulford Academy for our boarding students. At Fulford, we have Canadian and international students who live at Fulford during the school year and also in our summer programs.

Fulford Academy fosters a family-like atmosphere for students, and once you walk through the front hall, you begin to experience it, whether in the classroom, at meals or during activities and evening clubs at the dormitory.

What is the main experience that students have with residence life at Fulford Academy?

Definitely that we have a major sense of community. We like to incorporate fun, along with our academics, while still giving students a place to speak to one of our residential advisors in the comfort of the dormitory. We always have someone ready and willing at every opportunity if someone needs to talk to somebody.

What is the most popular trip that students love to do, and why?

The most popular at Fulford Academy is our Toronto overnight trip, where students get to experience everything there is to do in the city of Toronto. Students typically really love going to Canada’s Wonderland, an amazing theme park located in the north of the city, as well as the CN Tower, located downtown.

What are the main highlights of Canadian history that are covered in a trip to Ottawa?

On the Ottawa trip, we like to immerse them in Canadian history, One of the things we love to do is take students to Parliament Hill, where they get to see the beauty of this historical building and understand that is where Canadian politics take place. We also love to take our students to museums like the National History Museum, which allows them to fully understand the history and culture.

Here is more from Greg’s interview – in this clip, Greg speaks about what students appreciate and enjoy the most about residence life, and high level of safety of students in Brockville and in the dormitory.

View more of Greg's interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9VsS84L4XA

About the #myfulford series: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to our students. These are our stories about what makes Fulford Academy great.

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April 15, 2019
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A chat with a Head Residential Advisor at Fulford Academy, Greg Lehman

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