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April 25, 2014
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EcoFest is the place to be this Earth Day!

Now in its third year, EcoFest Mississauga is quickly becoming the go-to Earth Day event for families in South Mississauga.

The event was born over three years ago when organizers from Star Academy and The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. collaborated to develop an event to celebrate Earth Day while providing families in Mississauga with resources and information on local eco-friendly options. This year's event will be the largest yet, with collaboration from City of Mississauga Councilor Jim Tovey, who will present a keynote address to attendees, as well as featured speakers and specialists from a wide variety of local organizations.

EcoFest Mississauga will feature representatives from many local organizations with a commitment to sustainability and eco-education that uphold the principles of the founding schools. Visitors will be encouraged to learn about city gardening, rain barrels, sustainable renovations, healthy living, and more! Special presentations from local experts will seek to provide participants with the information necessary to make healthy choices for their families. EcoSource, a local eco-educational organization, will be hosting the Kids EcoZone this year with fun hands-on activities for families! 

A Commitment to Eco-Education

Both Star Academy and The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. are committed to the power of education to drive change. Environmental education plays a large role in the daily routines of students at both schools. Students are taught to separate their garbage, recycling and organic waste while the use of "Good-on-one-side" paper is also encouraged. At Star Academy, older students do most of their work on laptops thus reducing the use of textbooks and paper in an effort to go paperless. 

The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. was built using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and embodies a commitment to building a healthy community in everything they do. Star Academy has undergone many renovations in their 17 years of operation, in a continual effort to reduce their carbon footprint including changing all of the fluorescent lighting to LED and committing to using repurposed or second-hand furniture and materials. 

Star Academy has also been a leader in local E-Waste collection initiatives in the past 5 years, providing a year-round drop-off depo for parents and community members at their school. Eco-Fest Mississauga is timed well for Spring-cleaning - electronics can be dropped off at Star Academy to be responsibly recycled by a local processing facility. 

Physical literacy is also an important part of the day at both schools. Students at Star Academy participate in 40 minutes of phys-ed class daily, as well as up to 2 hours spent outdoors in Star Academy's nature-rich backyard. Children at the Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. also spend a high proportion of their day outside. In the spring and summer, students learn about gardening by helping plant flowers and growing their own vegetables for snack time. 

Community Challenge

Star Academy challenges small businesses and homeowners in the Mississauga area to meet the goal of one garbage bag per week! With close to 100 people in and out of the school on a daily basis, Star Academy has shown it can be done! 

The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. demonstrates that it is never too young to teach children to respect and care for the environment by understanding the impact of their own footprint on the earth. Teaching the 4R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim, are the first steps in becoming environmentally conscious.

Eco-Fest Mississauga invites you to be part of the challenge - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, RECLAIM - meet the goal of one garbage bag per week! 

Join us on May 3rd, 2014, 9am-1pm. More info at

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