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September 16, 2020

Routine & Rhythm: The Key to Transition Back to School


Children thrive with routine. Consider lighting a candle at dinner time and begin with a blessing or gratitude. The family meal is also the perfect time to model care for others and practising appropriate conversation. Inclusion is an important theme for the child entering kindergarten and they will need guidance on how to express themselves.

Morning time:

Consider what your morning routine is going to look like. If you have to depart your home by 7:30 am then how much time does your child need to get dressed and have breakfast. Kim Payne, the author of Simplicity Parenting, advises parents to keep their child’s closet simple with only 3-5 outfits visible.


If you had to focus on one area only, choose your child’s bedtime routine. The key to a successful day is not how the morning went but the night before. Sleep is imperative for a healthy life, because in the dream state problems are worked out, information is stored and filed away for future reference. Waldorf educator suggests a warm bath to signal the transition from play to the bedtime routine.  Once your child is out of the bath have them get into their pj's right away. As consistently as possible prepare the same snack as part of the bedtime ritual. By the time your child has brushed their teeth and jumped into bed for a story, they are well on their way to a deep sleep. Read the same story for several nights and only one. Children love to hear stories repeated because it reassures them and do not get bored in the way we do as adults.  Screens are never a part of the bedtime routine because they act as a stimulant and contribute to poor sleeping habits and dependencies.

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