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September 30, 2015

SCOPE- New! Service, Character, Outdoor, Projects, Executive Function

Service Learning:

Grades One and Two: introduction by imitation

Mentor-buddy relationships

Shadow & help during fundraising events (e.g. WOW day)


Grade Three: first assignments

Tracking school-wide compost activity
Planting  and baking with Early Childhood classes


Grade Four: growing responsibility

Tracking and reporting on school-wide recycling behaviours
Cleaning up in the community (e.g. a local park)
Helping at festivals (e.g. Michaelmas bread bake, egg hunt w/ CCC)


Grade Five: growing responsibility

Helping and performing at a senior centre
Growing participation in fundraising activities (e.g. Terry Fox Run)
Helping at a food bank



35 Volunteer Hours


Across all three grades


- Graduated responsibilities at fairs and festivals

- Buddy relationships with grades one to three

- Ambassadors at admissions events

Grade 6: Care for our environment

5 volunteer hours
Plant on Earth Day, organize walking school bus, study carbon footprint


Grade 7: Feed our world

10 volunteer hours
Volunteer at a community garden, food centres, and a meal program


Grade 8:  Raise your voice

20 volunteer hours
Me to We event: leading to identification of the “Class Cause”

Executive Functioning:

“Learning to learn” (metacognitive skills)

“Tending to details; seeing big picture”

“Repetition, Rhythm, Routine”


Grade 1: Skills for organizing personal space: introduction


Grade 2: Skills for organizing personal space: deepening


Grade 3: Skills for completing multi-step independent tasks


Grade 4: Skills for managing personal time


Grade 5: Skills for managing organizational tools


Grade 6: Study skills: test preparation


Grade 7: Study skills: project management


Grade 8: Incorporate all skills in grade 8 project



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