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January 24, 2022

Why Study Business?

Why Business? 


A business degree has been ranked as one of the most popular degrees among many individuals. This field of study is popular for many reasons and wirht considerinf when exploring options for a post-secondary education. 


Consider the Following: 

  1. Gain Marketable Knowledge and Skills 
  2. Lurative Career 
  3. Everything is Business
  4. Build your Education


So, why study business? 

1. Valuable experincetial opportunities 

  • Internships 
  • Co-op

There are many opportunities and placements in the business worl in any industry that will allow students to participate in a learning experience. In the field os business many companies like to provide these experiences to individuals that want to pursue a career in business and help provide, prepare and give necessary work experience for individuals. 

2. Learn Transferable Skills 

  • Critical Thinking 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Communication Skills 

Working in a business environment can help you immensely with developing man transferable skills that you can apply in many situtations and work experiences. Having these developed can further you career and in your personal life. 

3. High Demand 

  • Careers in many sectors and fields

Business is everywhere and anywhere. Since all companies are businesses, a business degree is a high demand degree that many companies and employeers are looking for. There are many fields and careers that an individual with a business degree can go in, thus making this degree a high demand. 

4. Lucrative Career Options 

  • Accounting 
  • Finance
  • Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship 

There are many areas that you can go into once a business degree has been achieved.

5. Pretigious Programs at Post-Secondary Institutions in Ontario 

  • Toronto 
  • Queens
  • Western 
  • McMaster
  • York

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