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REVIEW OF Oak Learners BY parent, Anna Kaczorowski

  • Date of Review
    January 06, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 3 - Gr. 3

(5) Student Experience

My son absolutely loves to come to Oak Learners. As a parent, it's amazing to see your child wake up happy and excited to go to school. He was so lovingly welcomed by the teachers, who took such great care in making lesson plans that were tailored to his current educational needs. What my son says he loves about going here is that he can see that the teachers are genuinely supportive of him and excited when he makes progress. It makes him feel motivated to push himself and take on new challenges because he knows he has a support system at school who will help and guide him when needed. He loves the environment of the school, all the staff, the students, his experiences there all while learning.

(5) School Leadership

When problems do arise, staff always respond appropriately and as quickly as possible. The solutions are always based on the individual students involved and what would be the best and most effective way of dealing with the issue in a positive way with the best outcome. Issues are always dealt with fairly for the situation, and for the benefit of the students. The school always communicates with parents about what had happened that day, why students were disciplined or hurt that day.

(5) Teaching

I am extremely happy with the quality of the teaching at Oak Learners. My son has been having a hard time learning how to read and became quite unmotivated, until he came here. He has actually tried and wanted to attempt reading more, and he has actually progressed in the short time he has been here. The teachers are all so knowledgable on the things they teach and passionate about the different subjects and lessons they bring into the classrooms. While here, my son completely gets the support that he needs to learn. He gets one on one time with his teacher, and he is challenged positively and it's always just enough to get him to try a little bit harder. He then gets to learn about different subjects in fun and exciting ways such as art, dance, yoga, and so much more.

(5) Academics

I specifically put my child into this school because I truly believed it would prepare him for the next steps in life that his previous school would not be able to do and was not equipped to do. He has had troubles with learning how to read, letters and numbers, and just language in general. When seeing that students at this school with similar issues have been making such amazing progress, I knew that this would be the best choice for getting my son the help that he needs. The academics for my son are tailored to him and what he can achieve, instead of comparing him to the rest of his classmates. He is treated as an individual, not just another number or statistic.

(5) Extracurriculars

There are quite a few different opportunities to participate in competition while at oak learners, but there is also a big emphasis on being a good sport and a team player. There are music lessons and different online programs for students to join in on, all of them are different and cover a wide range of topics. Essentially, there is something for everyone.

(5) Students

One of the things I love about Oak Learners is the diversity in the population. The students create this small community that helps each other out and tries to help the staff as much as possible. They have such great ideas to go out and help the neighbourhood stay clean and eco friendly and always want to learn what's happening out in the world. My son has always wanted to do good for the Earth and he loves being able to be passionate with his friends. He has been able to find real friends who do care about him and want to spend time with him. He came from a school where he had a hard time fitting in and it's amazing to see him thriving socially.

(5) School Life

My son has never been happier to go to school! It's gone from full refusal to always asking if it's time to go to school. The confidence boost that my son has gotten from all the one on one support he gets from his teachers is amazing and it's so visible in his personality and just day to day life. He is finally taking risks and has full confidence in himself, he understands that if he has a whole team of staff to support him if he falls. Students have so many spaces to go and spend time one on one with staff if needed and I know that my son loves to have that option. He spends time in the after care program and absolutely loves building and playing with his friends.

(5) Community

The school provides so much for the parents! There have been opportunities for parents to come in for an open house and see the school, especially since their children were the tour guides! Parents that I have met have been so kind and caring. As a parent, I felt welcome when my son first started going to the school. He has had play dates with the other kids and everyone has been nothing but amazing. Oak learners has even had a Holiday party for parents and almost every single parent was there. This is not my sons first school, but it is the first time that I have felt welcome into the parental community at a school, which is amazing. it has been really heartwarming to see how much support there really is.

(5) School Location

The location of the school is great. They have such a short walk to go down to the lake and have done so much exploration down there! My son cannot get enough of going down and collecting sea glass with his friends. There are so many amazing parks nearby and a lot to explore for the kids. This includes a soccer field and baseball field close by, they have so many options to play!


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