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Private schools in Canada have admissions policies, and they require application materials. These may include letters of application, application fees, essays, and tests (such as the SSAT). Many schools also require interviews with prospective students. Schools also use different criteria for evaluating student applications, have different acceptance rates, and target different kinds of students. To improve your child’s chances of acceptance, find out everything you can about a school’s admissions policies and how they assess applicants.

Admissions Requirements

InterviewNS - 12
SSAT (out of province)
Entrance Exam(s)
Entrance Essay

Oakwood Academy admissions deadlines and fees

Day students: Rolling
Offer mid-year entry: Yes

Application fee: N/A
Registration fee: N/A
Deposit: N/A

What Oakwood Academy says about their admissions requirements:

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering Oakwood Academy. We are thrilled to be the only school in Canada to provide individualized education using the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-Based (DIR®) Model. Our uniquely planned curriculum has been designed for students who require explicit education, and focuses on both academic and social development.

Please be assured that our admissions process is to help us understand your child’s strengths and goals, to develop an individualized curriculum to help them achieve their full potential.

Step One: About Your Child Form

The About Your Child form is to be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the applicant. Please submit the forms to our Admissions Coordinator at [email protected]  Once the form has been completed and submitted you will be contacted by our admissions office about your inquires or to set up a meeting with the Director.

Step Two: Meeting with the Director

Once your form has been received, we will be in touch to set up a meeting and tour. Both the applicant and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are expected to attend the meeting. In order to properly make a recommendation about the student’s placement, the applicant must attend the meeting. 

Step Three: Trial Day Opportunity

In some cases we will suggest a trial day to determine appropriate placement in our Academic Program. On this day, your child will spend a half or full day at school, fully integrated into a classroom setting so that we can best determine their strengths, goals, and support level before recommending placement. 

Step Four: Class Placement

Decisions are made after a personal meeting and assessment of the applicant. At this time, a recommendation for suitable placement and services within the school are made and discussed with families.

Step Five: The Final Step – Registration Forms and Payments

Upon acceptance, you will receive registration forms to be completed.


  • $500 Application Fee (applied to the tuition total)
  • A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport 
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent immunization records
  • Post-dated cheques (please refer to Fees for tuition breakdown)


Do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] or call (905) 814-0277 for assistance. 


Learn about the percentage of students typically accepted into Oakwood Academy. This can help you gauge your chances of getting into this school. For instance, a 95% acceptance rate means a school is relatively easy to get into, while a 10% acceptance rate means it will be difficult to get into.

Oakwood Academy acceptance rate: 100%

Oakwood Academy student entry points

Schools accept different numbers of students at different grade levels. Learn how many students are accepted into Oakwood Academy at each grade level.

Student TypeJKSK123456789101112
Day Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)

What type of student Oakwood Academy is looking for:

We encourage you to set up an intake appointment to discuss how Oakwood Academy can support your child's unique strengths and goals!

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