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REVIEW OF Olivet School BY parent, Monica De Oliveira

  • Date of Review
    January 24, 2018

(N/A) Student Experience

MY daughter loves going to school and she only dislikes the times I come earlier to pick her up or the days that she missed school. Most of the kids in the school are friendly towards her, know her name, and the same for most of the staff. FOr a shy little girl, I am impressed on how comfortable she feels with the school staff.

(N/A) School Leadership

Due to my daughter's severe food allergies, I am more than satisfied with their leadership approach to make the school a safe environment for her. THey communicate so effectively, that I come home rested and assured that they will effectively handle any situation regarding my daughter's safety.

(N/A) Teaching

Even though we are still in the second month of classes, the quality of instruction she is receiving is evident. She comes home singing new songs in French. She just started JK and everywhere we go she enjoys spelling every word in front of her, it seems to me that they style of learning made it easier for her to understand and memorize letters, understand interaction in nature and the world surrounding her, socialize and respect other, and also have discipline in different environment. They communicate effectively to parents to improve learning outcomes and her interaction with staff and other peers. Knowing that every child is different, I feel like their approach challenges ands support her learning and growth without creating or adding frustration in the tasks.

(N/A) Academics

I truly feel like the school atmosphere maximizes learning potential, with well organized activities and subjects for every day of the week. I believe that they approach does not just teach academics, but helps them use the acquired knowledge to think critically, which I believe that completely prepares the child for next steps in life.

(N/A) Extracurriculars

Although my daughter is still in JK, she has music and french lessons.

(N/A) Students

As parent, who just recently moved and had her daughter start making friends again from zero, its very pleasant to hear the other kids calling my daughter's name when she arrives at school. Not just the kids her age, but some of the older kids know her and play with her. Most of the kids play well with the others, regardless of age difference, in a respectful manner.

(N/A) School Life

As a concerned parent, I looked into many different schools in the area and some other options a little further from our address. As soon as we arrived at Olivet, I could see on my daughter’s face how much she enjoyed Olivet School’s environment and how comfortable she felt (even as a shy girl) around the staff. They were not just friendly, but they had a special approach, that somehow treated her as an individual, not as a part of a statistic, or one more number. Today, she loves even more to school and we feel like we make the right choice.

(N/A) Community

Parents are always welcomed to participate, but everything is done with clear rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all kids, and to improve interactions.

(N/A) School Location

They have visited apple trees in the area to learn about nature, cooked, visited the little creek near the school and fished for marshmallows and toy fishes. Memories that my daughter tells with great joy.

(N/A) Admissions

IF you planning for admission, instead of just looking at letters and reviews online, take a moment and go to Olivet for a tour, and you will not regret. It will expedite your decision, and you will only visit other schools to assure yourself that you found the best school in the region. The admission process was very relaxing, not stressful at all, reflecting the school environment.


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