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Mississauga, ON  |  Grades 11 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Leadership

C Villa - Alumnus   (Sep 12, 2022)

Great school! The course material was thorough and prepared me for the next steps of the education journey. The layout of the course content was easy to navigate and being able to work at my own pace made the course less stressful. Teachers were quick to answer any questions I had and were very helpful. The course work was very enjoyable and touched on some topics that aren’t talked about enough so it was a good change. The overall learning materials were both interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for any kind of credit. Courses were a much better way for me to display my learning, rather than just having a test where mistakes are easily made.

Lubna Koya - Student   (Mar 10, 2022)

Ontario Online Schools proved to be incredibly useful and effective. The teacher would promptly react to your emails and guarantee that all of your queries were answered. The lessons were well-organized and simple to grasp. Throughout the duration of the training, I always felt supported. Something I found really useful was the ability to choose when we want to conduct the lesson as well as how much we want to do for the day. In this manner, my online course and other schoolwork did not stress me out. As a result, I was able to improve my time management skills as well as other abilities. I strongly advise anyone interested in taking a course at OOS to do so. OOS will always make sure that their students come first.

Asaad Husein - Student   (Jun 30, 2021)

I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for any kind of credit. I actually took grade 12 advanced functions and the way the course was presented to me was astounding. There are many things (not just tests) to prove that you are capable of showing your learning. There are things like assignments and Journals. This school surprised me as its courses were a much better way for me to display my learning rather than just a test where a possible mistake could happen even though you truly know the material but just made a small mistake. So again, I truly recommend this course and advise anyone to take it. One thing I do want to mention is that this course is mainly a very good slide presentation (i.e.: the information is presented via slide show). Personally this is not the way to learn but an amazing teacher of mine (Mr. Lem) provided me with sufficient videos in order to allow me to progress in the course.

Sumairaa Mulla - Alumnus   (Mar 17, 2021)

Ontario Online Schools Network was an incredible platform with incredible teachers. As a student who has transitioned from high school to university in the middle of a pandemic, this school provided me with many transferable skills that aided me in excelling in my current studies. From academic skills like the many creative ways to complete online assignments, and even how to keep track of, and excel all types of assessments, Ontario Online Schools Network provided me with it all. The online platform was easy to use, organized and most importantly - engaging. I was enrolled in three courses, and each course was taught in a variety of ways, keeping me interested and intrigued throughout the learning process. Having smaller class sizes was an added benefit, as the teachers were even more involved and committed to the success of my education.

Farhana Hanslod - Alumnus   (Aug 21, 2020)

My overall experience at Ontario Online Schools Network was nothing but amazing, exceeding all my expectations of what it might be like. The environment of online learning may seem scary and nerve-wracking at first, however all the teachers make you feel comfortable and well equipped. I liked how they were constantly present and up to date with marking assignments. They were always there to answer questions if you were unsure about something or needed help on anything. The site was easy to navigate and tech-friendly for anyone that maybe new to working with technology. There is nothing I would change about the school, it really helped me with my education and learning.

Amrita La Rose - Alumnus   (Aug 10, 2020)

I am extremely fortunate that I found an online school that caters for their students' academic needs and goals. Ontario Online Schools is a great school that offers a variety of grade 11 and 12 courses. I was in the Social Studies and the Humanities, Equity and Social Justice: From Theory To Practice course. I enjoyed each lesson. It is evident that my teachers created each lesson to ensure that they were engaging, captivating, and met the Ontario Curriculum. I never had any issues communicating with my teacher or principal. The facilitators at OOS are kind individuals that were always willing to help me when I needed any clarification on assignments or needed extended due dates. Even if I had a question for my teacher or principal during the evening, I would receive a speedy response either the same evening or early next day. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that is placed into the OOS. After completing a course at this school, I feel one step closer to achieving my overall academic goals. Without a doubt, the Ontario Online Schools created a welcoming community for me to learn in and played a role in my grade 12 academic success.

Natalie Sahadeo - Alumnus   (Aug 07, 2020)

Ontario Online schools has been a great straightforward and engaging online learning experience. I loved how the entire course was available from the start, and I had the freedom to complete the course at my own pace while meeting assignment deadlines. The educational content was very well done. I joined Ontario Online schools to help boost my grade from a course I have taken in public school, and with getting a better grade it helped me get into my desired post-secondary program. The teachers were always willing to answer questions, and always answered them in a reasonable amount of time. Assignments, and quizzes were never difficult to do as the course content prepares you very well for them.

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