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REVIEW OF Ontario Virtual School BY Alum, Victoria Ma

  • Date of Review
    November 24, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 10

(5) Overall Experience

Because of the pandemic, I started to know about OVS. To be honest, OVS is the first virtual school I have ever enrolled in. Therefore, I was nervous and a little afraid. However, OVS took my breath away. I realized how virtual school can be so informative and the teacher can also be so supportive. Besides that, I also realize how great the concept of virtual school is. I learned a lot from OVS, not only from the academic aspect but also from the mindset aspect. Now, I am more independent and open-minded than before. I think that is the attraction of OVS. I appreciate my experience in OVS which is like a beacon to my path, so I no longer wander. OVS is life changing!

(5) School Leadership

The school's administration is the greatest I have ever seen. Although the online learning seems to water down the relationship between the administration and me. However, whenever I had any problem, they will solve it in a timely and perfect manner. For me, because I was a little confused at the beginning of my school year, I ask some questions about the school. They use their most sincere tone, and the informative content impressed me. From that time, I knew OVS is not just a school, but a family.

(5) Teaching

I was surprised how the teacher in OVS can offer such a great learning experience. I know e-learning for some people means less effective communication and worse quality of teaching as there seems no teacher-student interaction. I was a part of that group of people. However, OVS overcome these obstacles. There would be a quiz after each lesson is finished to ensure you understand everything. You can email your instructor if you have any questions and they will usually reply the next day. Moreover, all the instructors and teachers are very professional. They can always use their "magic" to turn that complicated knowledge into the easiest and fun knowledge you would ever receive. I successfully fall in love with research in the impact of OVS instructions, and before I am a student don't even know how to do research properly.

(5) Academics

Ontario Virtual School encourages students to be open-minded, curious, and gritty. I learned the importance of analyzing things from different perspectives, the terribleness of limited thinking. I would like to use my score to prove how great OVS is in academics. Before my score is around 80 but now my score is around 90. It is a such bit of improvement! The score can not mean everything, but I would like to say I get this score not only in a nerdy way but because I really found out the joy of academics and Ontario Virtual School is the school that help me achieve that. I think students will discover a new world about academics and they will realize learning can actually be so easy and fun!

(5) School Life

Ontario Virtual School is an e-learning school, which means you can go to school whenever you like. You would have a lot of freedom and you can make your own plan of how you would like to learn these courses. I think you are the person who understands yourself the most. In day school you have to follow the collective schedule. Sometimes it could be a struggle because everybody's mood is different. Maybe when you feel you are passionate and energetic, it is on the weekend and you can not really do anything. When you feel exhausted from studying and just want to take a break, it is probably only on Tuesday. However, in OVS it would never be a problem. Secondly, everybody's knowledge foundation is different. I am pretty good at math, I used to waste a lot of time during math classes because I have learned most of the knowledge. Nevertheless, in OVS, I never wasted my time during the class as I finished the Grade 9 math in two weeks and started to learn the Grade 10 math.

(5) Admissions

I went to the Ontario Virtual School in 2020. I was impressed by how convenient it is to go the Ontario Virtual School. Going into Ontario Virtual School is not stressful at all. The application process is actually very clear and the officers are all very friendly so you can ask any questions that you want to ask. All you need to do is to go to the https://www.ontariovirtualschool.ca/. Do a little bit of research to see whether it is your best fit school or not. Then add the course into your cart just like how you buy clothes online. After that, complete the registration. And you can start your learning journey at Ontario Virtual School right away. It is as simple as that! No extra steps and no annoying process. What else could you expect!


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