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REVIEW OF Ontario Virtual School BY Alum, Prabhdeep Kaur

  • Date of Review
    August 06, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 11
  • University (major)
    Seneca college

(5) Overall Experience

Ontario virtual school provides a friendly and co-operative environment making it no less than a family where instructors are dedicated and devoted to shape the future of uncut gems. The online classes provided by OVS allows learners to complete the syllabus at their own pace with comfortable time limit. The way of communicating with instructors through emails develops writing skills as well as etiquette of formal writing which is not only useful during the course but also helps throughout the life. OVS is the best platform for the students who are graduating and wish to upgrade any of the subject required for the admission to certain program of a university.

(5) School Leadership

OVS is the place where the faculty is very passionate and cares about each little concern. Along with all the students who were in contact with me really honour such a respectful staff. Everyone left an unforgettable mark on the minds of the students due to their caring and positive attitude. The staff was very frequent and punctual with every work for instance marking tests, praparing report card and sening it to the institutions. Overall, the dedicated teachers and unwavering support provided by OVS gave it universal respect from all students.

(5) Teaching

"Teachers are the angels leading their flocks out of the darkness". -Jeannette Walls. OVS has tireless, dedicated and selfless teachers who heed their students and devote them their all. Instructors are not only knowledgeable but are also inspiring. They provide straightforward lectures in the form of slides which can be seen repeatedly and are clear as well as comprehensible. OVS is exceptional for its teachers being passionate to sort out each and every query and develop a positive environment that allows passive learners to step out of their comfort zone and engage in the lessons being taught. In my journey of OVS I truly admire my teacher Ms. Hansen. She provided me with guidance thoughout my course and was always there for help.

(5) Academics

Ontario virtual school provides structured and effective programs. I did functions from this school which was essential for my further studies in seneca college. Allowing its students to work at their own speed provides a positive atmosphere for study. This enhanced my self judgement skills and prepared me to maintain learning and working independently. There is an easy access to the syllabus which can be seen repeatedly and instructors are always available to answer every doubt and explain it in a better way. The faculty is in fact very inspiring which encourages everyone to achieve their goals. Although it was bit challenging for me to study online for the first time but after completing it I feel very confident to start my college life where many of the coureses will be online. Thank you so much OVS for teaching me a lot!!

(5) School Life

OVS provided a unique and amazing experience. Although being online there was no physical interaction but communicating online with students and faculty was great. If I ever get an opportunity to visit OVS, I would cosider it my fortune to meet such inspiring teachers. The best thing was that dates for the tests are not fixed either, rather students decide the date when they are confident to give it. It really enhanced my self-judgement skills and prepared me to study independently. Teaching in a positive and inspiring manner always made students willing to learn. A flexible timetable prevents students from hectic schedule and allows them to do at their own pace without any stress. It is really appreciated by all the students in this school.

(5) Admissions

OVS has a less structured and more effective admission process which is accessible to every student. To facilitate its learners each step mandatory for the registration is mentioned in the form of a text as well as a video on the main page of the website. Moreover, if any sudent faces some sort difficulty a passionate and helpful team of admission officers is always there to respond their students. All the courses are listed in an ascending order of the grade and can be searced by the code of the grade which is added into your cart. Further, the payment method for the fee is very flexible. The school asks for pre-requisites and transcripts of your previous grade. As soon as the submission process of the prerequisite is completed one can access the syllabus anytime. I found the whole process to be very easygoing.


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