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"...at OVS I encountered helpful and supportive teachers, an easily approachable system"

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Review of: Ontario Virtual School

Preet Birdi - Student    (May 22, 2020)

Student Experience

Ontario Virtual School has been an amazing experience. There is not one thing that I would change about it. I was so used to traditional schooling however, when I started at OVS I encountered helpful and supportive teachers, an easily approachable system and staff, and work that was at the right level where it challenged me but made me successful. Everything on OVS is easy- from accessing your work to asking help if anything goes wrong. The structure of the work is great. One thing I wish I knew about the school is the teachers require 24 hours to email you back and 48 hours for work to be marked however my teacher was quicker than that.

School Leadership

The leadership at Ontario Virtual School is great. There aren't guidance counselors or headmasters but there are teachers along with the staff. The teachers are extremely supportive of the course work along with other things you may want to talk to them about. They encourage you to do the very best. Although the school is completely online, the setting is very respectable and professional (for example through emails). This definitely has an impact on the students as they are exposed to professionalism this way that they pick up alongside other learning as well.


At OVS, their teaching method is very efficient. For example, in grade 12 Kinesiology, all the course content was in the form of a PowerPoint. One thing I really like about this format was how the content wasn't only verbiage but there were videos incorporated within. Additionally, instead of simply studying and learning the content, we applied the information to real-life situations which made learning more impactful whereas in traditional school I wasn't previously exposed to them. This also prepares us for university as we had to stay self-motivated and productive to be successful which is exactly what we have to do in post-graduate life.


The course is just right in my opinion. OVS allows you to finish your work on your own time and at your own speed. This is very beneficial for slow-learners who feel like they are behind in traditional school as teachers race through the content. Additionally, the course content is highly structured as everything is easily accessible and easy to hand in. You can always go back to the content if you forget something or need more emphasis on a certain concept whereas in a traditional school as soon as you understand one thing, the teacher is way ahead of your teaching. Finally, teachers in traditional schools follow their own syllabus and schedule but at OVS you can make your own.

School Location

OVS is an online school which is one of the reasons why I chose it. Being an online school it enabled me to work anywhere I want. Staying at home can get boring sometimes but being enrolled in an online school I can study at a cafe, library, or the mall. The student can study wherever they deem best for them which is crucial for effective learning.


OVS being an online school doesn't have extracurriculars. This is ok since the course work takes up most of the time however, many universities like to see the student being involved in extracurriculars. OVS being an online school can't host physical activities, online programs or activities would suffice. But this is not a major problem since students can find activities outside and with the course work, everyone has enough to do.


OVS is an online school allowing you to work at your own time and speed. This is very beneficial for students that have to juggle school work, extracurriculars, those who have a part-time job, and other responsibilities. This way, whenever the student gets time after a busy day they can work on their OVS course assignments. You can make your own schedule as well. One thing that is really important to be successful is to have self-motivation. With OVS being extremely supportive you get some motivation from them. Also, the right mindset is also very crucial. You have to be very productive and efficient as to how you work. Students who do not have self-motivation or the right mindset tend to struggle. Overall, everyone does feel included.

School Life

Since OVS is an online school, there is no tour available. However, I would give an online tour of the website which would be the student's classroom. To begin with, the website is very easy to use and follow. One gets the gist of it within the first day of use. At the very beginning of the course, there are short videos demonstrating how the website works which you can always reference back to if you forget something. There is also a section of frequently asked questions which is also very helpful as they cover many things related to OVS. There is also a built-in chat center where you can also ask a staff member for help or guidance. Additionally, you can always contact OVS by calling them.


The admission process to enroll in OVS is based online and is really easy. There is a list of courses for grades throughout 9-12 along with their course codes to avoid confusion. You can add multiple courses to your cart and checkout with different methods of payment online. Then OVS will ask you to submit the pre-requisites for the courses you chose along with a transcript. Once that is submitted, there is a list of the course(s) you have chosen. To make the enrollment smooth, there is a mini-tutorial showing how things work, how to access content, how to submit assignments, how to contact the teacher. All your questions are answered. If the student has a question, the kind and amazing staff are always there to help you.


OVS being an online school, there aren't many people to talk to physically but the staff and teachers are so sweet it feels like you are talking to someone you have known forever. There is a discussion within the course which allows for interactions with other peers. Discussions allow different perspectives on topics that can apply to other things as well. This makes learning much more fun and interesting and helps one recall/remember things more. Conversations are very respectful and professional which makes everyone feel that they are involved and that their opinions matter. Overall, discussions are a key part of OVS to be successful in the course along with developing certain skills that are crucial for the real world.

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