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 Private school tuition costs range widely depending on two essential factors: where the school is located and what type of private school it is. All schools listed with clearly list tuition costs. You can sort through listings based on your budget or use our search engine to put a ceiling on the tuition you are able to or want to pay.

Private school costs may surprise you, in some cases. Quite a number of schools that list with us have tuition starting under $4,000 per year for elementary levels. Independent private schools in provinces that provide some government funding may even have yearly tuition rates below $1000.

Private school tuition rates: in general

In general, boarding schools where the tuition covers boarding fees are the most expensive private schools. This will be especially true if the school is located in a city like Vancouver or Toronto, where real estate prices are high. Religious schools generally have the lowest tuition rates among private schools; parents will often send their children to these schools while compromising other lifestyle choices.

As a broad generalization, you might say that a Christian school in a small town on the prairies or in northern Ontario is likely to have a low tuition rate, while a boarding school in the heart of a large metropolis will be among the most expensive private schools. Prestigious boarding schools cost in the range of $40,000 to $50,000 per year (and more).

Private school tuition is inevitably one of the factors in parents' decision whether or not to private school, and which school to choose. However, we urge you to consider the needs of your child first and foremost.

You can search through our listings of private schools near you (and/or in the category you are interested in such as 'Christian schools' or 'Montessori schools') to find tuition in your range. We also list private schools offering scholarships and schools with financial aid programs.

It's also very easy to use our search engine, input the maximum you want to spend under 'cost' and easily find private schools you can afford.

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