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Grades Gr. 6 TO Gr. 12 — Rothesay, NB (Map)

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Rothesay Netherwood School Reviews

Gain exclusive insight into life at Rothesay Netherwood School from our carefully curated video and written reviews that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on Rothesay Netherwood School

The school dates to 1877 when the brilliantly named Ezekiel Stone Wiggins founded Thompson's School, a coed day school. It teetered a bit in the early years, with changes in ownership, and direction, though in time ultimately found both its academic and financial footings. A long-standing association with Netherwood, a school for girls founded in 1894, resulted in an amalgamation between the two in 1984. Students are empowered to emerge as a self-confident individuals who have character, courage, creativity and a commitment to community. A daily advisor program ensures that each child receives high levels of emotional and social support from committed faculty and staff. The school remains true to a tradition of academic excellence, and the campus is rich with reminders of its long history. The school has also benefited from robust development, the product of a number of capital campaigns over recent decades. Between the long tradition and extensive recent development, there's frankly a lot here to love. Notably among the school's alumni is John Peters Humphrey, primary author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Video reviews

Get crucial behind-the-scenes information about Rothesay Netherwood School from video interviews with probing questions that we recorded live with parents, current students, and recent alumni.

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Alum, Erin Usher (2022)

Watch our alum interview with Erin Usher to learn about the unique experience of attending Rothesay Netherwood School.

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Alum, Heather Chisholm (2021)

Watch our alum interview with Heather Chisholm to learn about the unique experience of attending Rothesay Netherwood School.

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Written reviews

Dive deeply into the real culture of Rothesay Netherwood School with reviews we’ve structured to highlight only the most valuable insights and opinions submitted by parents, students, and alumni.

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Parent, Janet Thompson (2021)

Our son had an excellent experience at RNS. The small class size and sense of community are th...

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Parent, Glennamae Lauwerijssen (2021)

We have had 3 children attend RNS for grades 10-12. Our children have really enjoyed all the o...

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Parent, Javier Azagra (2020)

We had two kids at school, a girl from grade 6 until grade 8 and a boy from grade 9 till grade ...

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Parent, Ellen Milner (2020)

My son and daughter attended RNS for grades 10-12. For each of them, the major impact of RNS h...

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Parent, Amy MacIsaac (2020)

My son appreciated the welcoming community at Rothesay and the chance to make friends from many...

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Parent, Wanda Flemming (2020)

Our daughters have really enjoyed the relationships they have developed with teachers and staff...

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Parent, Lisa Ashworth (2020)

To say that my daughter's life was transformed by attending Rothesay Netherwood School is not a...

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Alum, Kyle MacDonald (2020)

I had an incredible and transformative experience from attending Rothesay Netherwood School (RN...

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THE OUR KIDS REPORT: Rothesay Netherwood School

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